Why I am not Getting Pregnant Naturally

Why I am not Getting Pregnant Naturally

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When a woman is not able to get pregnant after marriage, then this situation is very sad and frustrating for every woman. In this situation, the woman finds many ways to get pregnant. Fertility of women also depends on age to a large extent. Women who are below 35 years of age should wait for one year for their pregnancy whereas women above 35 years of age if 6 months have passed while trying for pregnancy then they should consult the best IVF doctor in delhi Should take advice from, and meet them to know the reasons for not being able to get pregnant.

IVF Doctors start treating this problem after some tests. In the event of not getting pregnant, you should adopt these fertilization treatments for treatment.

6 Reasons You Are Not Getting Pregnant Naturally

1. Ovulation disorder : conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) affect normal ovulation. Irregular ovulation is also a problem. Being overweight can increase ovulation problems and reduce your chances of conceiving. Stress, very low body weight and excessive exercise also affect ovulation.

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2. Stress : emotional stress plays an important role when you are trying to get pregnant. Studies have shown that day-to-day stress in life also lowers a woman’s fertility. When it comes to conception, stress affects men more than women. The stress of trying to have a baby can raise anxiety levels so much that it can affect erections.

Stress can also often be associated with certain lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Hence, it is also recommended to keep a regular check on the blood glucose and lipid profile levels as these can also reduce the chances of conception.

3. Washing Vagina after Sex : the vagina should not be washed with water immediately after having sex because by doing so the sperm does not get time to fertilize with the eggs. Because while cleaning the vagina with water, the sperms come out of the vagina and you cannot become pregnant. According to IVF doctors in Delhi, you should rest for a while after having sex so that the sperm gets enough time to fertilize the egg. By doing this, your chances of getting pregnant increase. Refrain from washing or cleaning your vagina with water immediately after having sex.

4. Low Sperm Count in Men : many times you also fail to conceive due to lack of sperm in your husband. Due to low sperm count in men, there are many difficulties in conceiving. To overcome this problem, you can take help from an IVF doctor. Doctor suggest you make some changes in life and take some medicines, which will increase your sperm count and the chances of conceiving your wife to a great extent. Consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and tobacco reduces the quality and quantity of sperm in men, due to which impotence occurs in you and your wife cannot become pregnant. If you are into drugs then you should stay away from it.

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5. Irregular Periods: having irregular periods is also one of the reasons why you are not pregnant. Due to having irregular periods, you have to face irregular ovulation due to which you have to face many problems in conceiving. The less you ovulate, the less likely you are to conceive.

That’s why you should pay attention to your periods and if they do not come regularly then you should meet IVF doctor Delhi and talk about it. After getting it treated, you can try again and this time there will be no hindrance in your dreams of becoming a mother. Apart from seeing the doctor, you need to make changes in your diet and lifestyle as these help in regularizing your periods.

6. Have Endometriosis : endometriosis is a disease found in women that affects and weakens their fertility. If you are not able to conceive even after trying, then you should get a checkup done for this disease. Symptoms include pain during sex, difficulty passing stool, and frequent urination. If you feel any of these symptoms in yourself, then you should immediately consult a best IVF doctor in Delhi to get it checked and treated. Your chances of conceiving increase after this disease is over. Apart from this disease, if you have any other problem, then you should also tell the doctor about it.

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All the above factors affect your fertility in one way or the other and ultimately affect conception. Trying for pregnancy at the right age and during your fertile period can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Do not hesitate to consult your fertility specialist if you are not able to conceive for a long period of time. You doctors can advise you to opt for fertility treatment like IVF. For IVF treatment, you have to be financially strong first because couples feel that the IVF Cost in Delhi is very high due to which many people fail to choose IVF treatment in delhi.

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