Microfluidic Sperm Sorter is an integrated and advanced technique that helps promote the motile sperms to swim up in the microchannel leaving behind immotile or less motile one. It is used here by our IVF Specialist in Delhi for spermatozoon selection with less fragmented DNA as compared to the usual technique used for selection of spermatozoa in the sample. It is a unique and an upgraded process for selection of highly motile sperms which is an important criteria for ICSI or PICSI to attain successful pregnancy.

Methodology It is an exceptional way of selecting spermatozoon as in this we can use the raw liquefied semen sample directly without the need for centrifugal separation. Excess centrifugation of raw samples generally tends to release of Reactive oxygen species (ROS) which further causes DNA fragmentation. Therefore by using a microfluidic sperm sorter we reduce the risk of induced DNA fragmentation. There are 4 chambers A, B, C & D where sperm washing media are loaded before loading semen suspension diluted with sperm washing media. The sperm suspension added in chamber A and sperm washing media in chamber B so that it can flow in a parallel direction through the microchannel in between them. Sperm with high motility and normal morphology swim towards the chamber outlet C and those with poor morphology and less motility float or swim towards chamber outlet D. Spermatozoa collected in chamber C, freed from physical stress have high efficiency and leads to a high IVF success rate.

Microfluidic Sperm Sorter technology

A: Microfluidics sperm sorter device.   B: 60mm dish with fixed Qualis Sperm Sorter. C: MFSS showing channel with the movement of flow from chamber AàD and BàC via microchannel.

Who Benefits with Microfluidic sperm sorter?