Natural IVF Cycle

In Natural IVF cycle no fertility drugs are used as in conventional IVF process. In a natural menstrual cycle a female release one egg in one month. In Natural IVF cycle the same one matured egg is collected before ovulation and fertilized.

Suitable candidate for Natural IVF-

  • Young female with tubal blockage
  • who are at risk of OHSS
  • Poor responder to fertility drugs
  • Old age female
  • Situation where no evidence of female infertility only male factor infertility.

Advantages of Natural IVF cycle

  • The Natural IVF cycle involves the collection of a naturally produced egg without medication, with the fertilized embryo being placed back into a drug-free womb. Natural IVF is therefore the closest that IVF treatment can get to natural fertilization. Natural IVF Treatment is carried out in your natural menstrual cycle, unlike conventional IVF where your ovaries are first suppressed. The potential side effects and complications are therefore reduced in Natural IVF
  • Many women are told that they cannot have a child with their own eggs because they have low ovarian reserve or that they are poor responders to fertility drugs. At baby joy, we are having an excellent track record in treating women in these circumstances with Natural IVF. We are able to treat the females with no or low amounts of stimulation drugs, thereby giving you the best chance to have a baby with your own eggs. We do not have any selection criteria and will allow any woman to try IVF using their own eggs if they want to and are still ovulating (up to the age of 50).
  •  Better egg quality: The egg which is naturally selected by the body can be of higher quality than those produced in a stimulated IVF cycle. In addition, high stimulation drugs can adversely impact the environment of the womb and the lining of the womb. By avoiding stimulating drugs, the womb is more receptive to pregnancy.
  •  The health and wellbeing of mother and child is our first priority. There is no risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) with Natural Cycle IVF..
  •  Natural IVF is less expensive per cycle than Stimulated IVF treatments as it does not require a daily dose and cumulative dose of costly medications.