Azoospermia is a condition in which no sperm present in the ejaculated semen. This condition may result from a ductal obstruction in the reproductive tract, low sperm production, or any functional error during spermatogenesis leading to temporary or permanent male infertility.


In the cases of azoospermia, it is mandatory to perform the semen analysis twice before concluding the final diagnosis. This repeat analysis is performed in our IVF Centre Delhi. Firstly, the semen sample is centrifuged and the resultant pellet is analyzed under a microscope. If failed to retrieve sperm in pellet, fructose test is done by our IVF doctor Delhi to further evaluate the cause of azoospermia.


The causes of azoospermia is due to pre-testicular, testicular and post-testicular. Testicular disorder is irreversible, whereas pre and post-testicular issues can be treated to regain fertility potentiality in male.


Our Centre is specialized in managingrefractory cases. There are different customized treatments available for managing azoospermia. For couples with a history of vasectomy or any surgical intervention which leads to azoospermia could be treated with corrective surgery that may even help in natural conception. With an advanced aged couple, the more reliable option would be to go for TESA/PESA and attempt sperm retrieval at the best feasible IVF treatment cost. This surgical procedure involves fine needle aspiration under general anesthesia where the testicular fluid aspirated has maximum retrieval of active spermatozoa. TESA/PESA followed with ICSI has a good outcome providing a path for such couples to conceive with their own gametes rather than choosing a donor sample.