Natural Modified IVF

Modified IVF cycle is a form of natural IVF cycle. In this form, few medicationsare given for 3-4 days just to prevent the spontaneous ovulation. Some time small dose of stimulated hormones are given in order to keep the follicles healthy and growing. The aim again is to collect the one high quality matured egg, though some time more than one egg.

Suitable candidate for Natural IVF

  • Low AMH and High FSH
  • Low AFC
  • Failure of implantation with conventional IVF


  • Modified Natural Cycle IVF has an improved success rate compared with Natural Cycle IVF and retains many of the benefits. Especially  with very low egg reserve, those in older age groups, and poor responders to stimulation drugs; Modified Natural Cycle IVF can give a higher success rate than conventional IVF in these groups.
  • Egg and embryo quality are considered to be better in Modified Natural Cycle IVF compared with conventional IVF.
  • The lining of the womb is more favourable for implantation in Modified Natural Cycle IVF. High stimulation drugs and oestrogen levels in conventional IVF can adversely affect the chance of implantation and the health of the baby.
  • The treatment is carried out within your natural menstrual cycle and the associated physical and emotional stress is considerably less demanding than in conventional IVF.
  • Modified Natural IVF treatment can be used to treat women who have a low ovarian reserve, poor responders or those who are slightly older. The low doses of drugs means egg quality is not compromised and we focus on collecting the egg(s) that has been naturally selected by the body.