Biopsy is basically a medical procedure to remove a part of tissues to examine the disease in human body. Testicular biopsy basically refers to the medical terminology where samples of tissues are removed from either both or one testicle of the male partner, to judge the sperm quality. The sample removed is examined to determine the ability of the male member to be a father. Numerous times woman are thought of to be infertile, but exactly it’s not the case every time, instead what can be really the case is the low quality sperm of the male partner.

In case it’s been long and the hollow of new life still persist, it’s better to go for a testicular biopsy. The testicles are oval shaped hanging glands under the penis. The testicles produce the male sperm called testosterone which is highly essential for reproduction in female. Many a times the females are fit to produce but male sperm fall weak. Therefore Testicular biopsy is done to diagnose the reasons for male infertility.

There may be two possible reasons for testicular biopsy to be done, firstly when the male semen does not have sperm at all and secondly when hormone test results fall within the normal range. Many may misinterpret that it is done to detect the testicle cancer, but it is not true. In case cancer is been diagnosed then another test called orchiectomy is done to confirm the diagnose. The other major reason for doing testicular biopsy is to extract sperm for In Vitro Fertilization process.

Testicular biopsy is a safe process but few steps are to be taken care of. Be candid to your doctor and tell him if any bleeding problems are encountered, any allergy to specific medicines or anesthesia. If in case any other medicines are taken during the course, inform your doctor before hand and the right dose taken. Any medicines taken for thinning blood should be disclosed. Don’t hide anything thing before going for their process, else aftermaths may be not up to mark.

Testicular biopsy now days in common parlance is done by numerous hospitals but make sure that a renowned one is chosen. One may get dreaded with word mouth publicity, its better you clear your doubts with your doctor pertaining to the process, its effects and side effects. Strictly follow whatever is prescribed by the doctor. If doctor ask to stop eating and drinking before sometime then it’s should be followed for better examination of the problem.

Don’t go to any doctor, the testicular biopsy is supposed to be done by only surgeon or doctors who treat reproductive problems in men. The doctor makes a small incision on the scrotum, after the sterility and anesthesia are applied, and the sperm is removed from the incision made. The incision is to be stitched with a single stitch, with repeated process on another testicle. After the process is done, don’t engage in sexual activities for 2 weeks and refrain washing the area for 1- 2 weeks.