At Baby Joy all egg donor cases are being carried through ART banks, as per ART Bill. Egg donor insurance, affidavits are being followed as per the ART Guidelines.

  • Complete screening, evaluation & down regulation
  • Start stimulation medication from day2 of the cycle after pelvic scan & E2 test
  • Repeat scan to monitor follicle growth till day 9
  • Trigger shot on day11
  • Ovum pick up on day 13 after 34-36 hrs of trigger
  • 10-15 mints of procedure done under short general anesthesia
  • No abdominal cut, Ultrasound guided catheter routed through vagina

Selection criteria for Egg donor

Our designated ART Bank recruits any Egg Donor who complies with stringent selection criteria & fulfill basic norms laid down by regulatory authorities.

Following are the basis criteria to select an Egg Donor :

  • She has to be between the ages of 21 to 29 years
  • She has to be healthy with good clean lifestyle habits
  • She has to have a good educational background
  • She should be of a good weight and height proportion
  • She should not smoke, drink or use any kind of substance abuse.
  • She should be open and willing to undergo all the required psychological, medical and background screenings.
  • She should be able and willing to make oocyte donation program a success for the intended parents.
General profiling for matching of any Egg donor includes:

Physical characteristics :

Age, Height, Weight, Complexion, Blood group, Colour of Hair

Other details :

Marital status, Education, Occupation, Medical problem, Blood transfusions, Surgeries, Allergies Medications, Family History & any Genetic Disorder