What Is IUI ?
  • It refers to the placement of washed sperm directly into woman’s uterus to produce pregnancy
  • There is a better chance that more sperm will make their way closer to the egg
For Whom Is It Done ?

Female Factors

  • Who do not ovulate spontaneously
  • Previous surgery on the cervix (cervix is scarred )
  • In unexplained fertility(In whom, no cause is found )
  • Mild endometriosis

Male Factors

  • Where sperm count is low
  • Motility is less than ideal
  • Inability to get and maintain an erection

What Are The Success Rate ?

Success rates depend on you and your partner’s fertility problem and your age.

Are There Any Risks ?

It is very safe

How IUI Is Done ?

  • The doctor will start you on ovulation drugs
  • Ultrasound will be done to monitor the size of egg and lining of the uterus
  • When the egg is of 18mm size, final injection will be given for maturation of egg
  • IUI will be done on subsequent 2 days or after single IUI -42 to 44 hours after the last injection

Why Ultrasound is done ?

  • This monitor will confirm that you are producing healthy eggs
  • It also determine the best timing for the injecting of the sperm

For Men

Your partner will give a sperm sample in a container , which will be washed and prepared for IUI

Why Sperm Is Washed ?

  • Washing of sperm is necessary because it removes chemicals from the semen , which may cause adverse reaction to the uterus
  • It removes pus cells
  • To activate sperm motility
  • It also gets rid of mucous and seminal fluid surrounding the sperm, which may interfere with fertility.

On the day of IUI ?

  • Your partner will give a sperm sample, which will be washed and prepared for the IUI procedure
  • This part of IUI takes 1-2 minute at the most
  • You will lie on the exam table
  • Your doctor will insert a very small, thin and flexible catheter into your cervix
  • The washed sperm sample is injected right into your uterus