What is ERA test?

Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) is an advance genetic analysis in ART that is available for assessment of endometrial receptivity during window of implantation (WOI) period to determine the most suitable day for embryo transfer in IVF treatment.  With DNA microarray thousands of gene expression can be explored that helps in finding particular gene activated during implantation in mid-secretory phase, where Corpus luteum produces progesterone in 14-28 days of the cycle, which helps to prepare the endometrium for implantation.


How ERA test is done?

In ERA, for analysis of endometrial receptivity, biopsy of endometrium is done during normal menstrual cycle. During the IVF cycle the IVF Doctor scratches the endometrial lining is scratched out and sent for biopsy before embryo transfer. The test results will help defining the receptivity and non-receptivity of the endometrium in that particular cycle. This is a sensitive molecular diagnosis in which patient must know their WOI period that is unique for every individual providing personalized day for the transfer of embryo and improving chances of conception.

Receptive result

A receptive result shows that the window of implantation is located on the day of taking the sample. It is preferable to proceed with embryo transfer under the same conditionsas of biopsy.

Non- receptive result

A non-receptive result shows a displaced window of implantation. Here with the help of ERA computational predictor window of implantation period is calculated to provide optimal period for personalized embryo transfer.