Egg Donation Centre

At Baby Joy all egg donor cases are being carried through ART banks, as per ART Bill. Egg donor insurance, affidavits are being followed as per the ART Guidelines.

Egg Donation is the process wherein oocytes/eggs are borrowed from a young woman called the donor, with her signed consent. These eggs are then fertilized with the sperms of the husband of the recipient woman and the resultant embryo, is inserted into the womb of the recipient.

Who Needs Egg Donation
  • Woman with Poor Ovarian Response
  • Diminished egg quality after 35years of age
  • Premature ovarian failure in which menopause has begun earlier than usual
  • Elderly or Menopausal women
  • A history of pregnancy failure
  • Young women undergone radiation or chemotherapy
  • Women with some chromosomal defect
  • Patients with Tuberculosis & Endometriosis
Reasons for Poor Ovarian Response in young females
  • Stressful lifestyles in metros
  • Unhealthy/Inorganic dietary habits – Junk Food
  • Multitasking leading to HWS ( Hurried Women Syndrome)
  • Overindulgence in screens ( mobile, laptop, computers & TV)

As per ICMR guidelines, Egg donation at our centre is anonymous and confidential, and we protect your identity as well as that of the egg donor.