Preparation of Egg Donors

For ease of understanding, all the different stages of the Egg Donation Process is mentioned below.

Birth Control Pills

On the first or second day of her menses the Egg Donor (ED) is started on BCP in such a manner that she can withdraw them at least 4-5 days prior to planning for fresh cycle.

Stimulation Dosages

As per the Egg Donor’s age, height, hormonal tests (FSH,LH and AMH) and weight, her dosage of medicine is worked out.

DAY 1: First Day Of Menses

Tests like antral follicular count and a Pelvic scan will be done on the Donor to visualise the ovaries. In addition, a blood work test will be done for determining her serum E2 (Estradiol) levels.
As per the advised drugs and their fixed dosages, stimulation will start from Day 1 or latest by Day 2. Same medications will continue till Day 5 unless as advised by the doctor.

DAY 6: Scan

Medication dosage may be altered depending on the results of the scans to evaluate the ovarian response. Blood work and medications to continue as before.

DAY 8: Repeat Scan

The scans are repeated every two days and an anaesthetist will decide if the Egg Donor is fit for the procedure after evaluation of her reports and blood work.
Usually by Day 11 of the simulation, once the size of the leading follicle reaches 18-20mm, they are considered mature and ready for retrieval.

DAY 11: Trigger Shot

Trigger shot is the medicine which finally releases the eggs inside the follicles and cause them to reach final stage of maturation. Post the Trigger Shot Egg retrieval is done within 34-36 hours.

DAY 13: Egg Retrieval

Egg pick up is done vaginally under ultrasound and short general anesthesia. This procedure does not take more than 10-15mins maximum. The Egg Donor is advised to take a course of antibiotics for the next 5 days after her discharge.