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IVF Doctors/IVF Specialists Delhi

neha-gupta-jain IVF Doctors/IVF Specialists Delhi

Dr. Neha – Fertility Doctor & IVF Specialist

Baby Joy IVF Centre Delhi, India


Fellowship in IVF

Dr. Neha is a world-class Senior Fertility Doctor & IVF Consultant in Delhi. After her MS in Obs. & Gynae., she has done a Post Doctoral Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine from one of the premier Assisted Conception Centres of India at Bangalore.

As an IVF Consultant Delhi, she has an extensive domestic & international (UK) experience of over 7 years exclusively in the field of reproductive medicine. She follows global treatment protocols to match international standards & achieve high success rates.

As an Test Tube Baby Doctor/ IVF Specialist, she has a worldwide exposure with regards to the latest technologies & clinical practices adopted in the field of Fertility & IVF. She is adept at handling all aspects of Fertility including IVF, Surrogacy, donor cycles, ICSI, TESE, IUI, surgical procedures, etc. As an IVF Expert/ Test Tube Baby Doctor, she has an accomplished track record in dealing with difficult & refractory cases, cases of repeated IVF failures, recurrent abortions, etc. In addition to all the above, she deals with each couple with a high degree of accountability, compassion & transparency.

neha-gupta-jain IVF Doctors/IVF Specialists Delhi

Dr. Madhu– Fertility Doctor & IVF Specialist

Baby Joy IVF Clinic Delhi, India


Fellowship in IVF

Dr. Madhu  is a Fertility & IVF consultant  with 11 years of experience in Fertility, Obstetrics and Gynecology.  After completion of postgraduate training in Obs. & Gynae, she did Post Graduate course in Reproductive Medicine from Bristol University, England. She has workedas IVF Specialist at top-notch institutes in India& across the world, like AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) Gangaram Hospital, Bristol Centre of Reproductive Medicine (England) & Tubingen University (Germany).

She has an exceptionally high success rate in ART(Artificial reproductive technique) treatment. She has a knack for managing difficult /failed IVF cases. She has a holistic approach to the infertile couples. Her areas of expertise include IUI, IVF, ICSI, egg donation, Surrogacy and various other techniques of ART. She has profound knowledge and understanding of reproductive endocrinology, fertility enhancing surgeries and male infertility.

As an IVF Specialist, she believes in offering individualized treatment rather than going for blanket treatment in all patients. She is well experienced in managing all kinds of infertility problems and procedures including poor ovarian reserve and recurrent pregnancy loss. She also has keen interest in academics and research.As an IVF Consultant, her passion and attitude towards the patient care have always been appreciated by her colleagues and her patients.


Did You Know These Facts About IVF Clinics/IVF Doctors ?

  • 65% of IVF Centers are not equipped with proper staff & technology, & there by spoil your Chances of Success.
  • 55%of all IVF centers engage in clinically wrong & unthethical practices.

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Clinical Team

neha-gupta-jain IVF Doctors/IVF Specialists Delhi

Dr. Neha Garg
Sr. IVF Counsellor

neha-gupta-jain IVF Doctors/IVF Specialists Delhi

Mrs. Akshaya
Sr. Embryologist

neha-gupta-jain IVF Doctors/IVF Specialists Delhi

Dr. Avineh
Sr. IVF Coach/ Counsellor


Baby Joy has a clinical team comprising of senior in-house Embryologists, Assistant doctors, Clinical co-ordinators. Fertility Coaches, Lab Managers, Andrologists, & highly skilled Nurses.

The in-house Embryology team is further mentored by highly experienced & accomplished embryologists of the industry.

Baby Joy’s clinical team participates nation-wide in various training programmes & workshops to keep themselves updated with the best & most advanced clinical practices worldwide. Baby Joy has a highly skilled clinical team that is adept at achieving high success rates in most difficult of cases.

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