IVF Protocols for High Age Couples by Best IVF Clinic in Delhi

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IVF Protocols for High Age Couples by Best IVF Clinic in Delhi

Today, Forties is the new thirty. So we can say that age is just a number. But is it so? Does our ovaries and reproduction system understand that? If you are actually considering becoming a mother at and after 40, the social and natural boundaries might hinder the likelihood of having a successful and safe pregnancy. This is more likely if you are exposed to stress & pollution in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai & Mumbai. And this experience can be very disheartening. To get proper counselling on the same you should visit Best IVF Clinic in Delhi.

Getting pregnant naturally at and after the age of 40 is more challenging, as after passing the age of thirty-seven, a woman’s ability to superfetate decreases by 9% yearly. After the age of 45, over 95% of the eggs may carry genetic abnormalities, and so the odds of conceiving naturally are dramatically low. For example, at the age of 45, there is just one to five percent possibility of getting pregnant, and then there is around fifty percent probability of miscarrying. The odds of IVF success between age 40 and 45 is averaged ten percent and declines dramatically every year. But it surely does not mean that you can’t get pregnant as Rajo Devi (name changed), childless for over 50 years (India), gave birth to a baby boy in her 70s after receiving IVF treatment. Many such success stories prove that strong will and the right medical assistance can always fulfill your wish of having your genetic child.  

It is necessary to have essential fertility testing done so you can have an understanding of your chances of conceiving and the procedure required for you to be blessed with a baby.

11 Things to keep in mind while considering IVF after the age of 35.

Natural IVF or Mini IVF:

Mini-IVF is the approach for older women with low ovarian reserve but still wish to use their eggs rather than going for donor eggs. It is a very simple protocol that tries for smaller amounts of more select quality eggs. This procedure carefully implements the protocol of minimum stimulation and naturally gets out the best quality eggs. This procedure is easier on the patient and more successful than conventional IVF. The best part about these procedures is that either no drugs or very few drugs are given to the patient to get a response, which makes it much safer for women.

Other ways to improve possibility of successful IVF in older women are:

  1. Customize the ovarian stimulation protocol to satisfy the special needs of an individual, avoiding the same approach for everyone. 
  2. Improved availability and access of competent embryos selected through PGT (preimplantation genetic testing), and then selectively transferring them to the uterus in later cycles.

If you are in your late 30s, soon turning 40, or already have spent a few years in your fourth decade and wish to have a child, do not wait any longer! Schedule an appointment with Baby Joy IVF, which is the Best IVF Clinic in Delhi. For older moms with their biological clock ticking, IVF is your best alternative. After receiving treatment at Baby Joy IVF, a 61-Year-Old couple has been blessed with a baby boy. So never lose hope with your age, contact us at: +91-88-0000-1978, or visit us at babyjoyivf.com, and take your best chances.

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