11 Things to keep in mind while considering IVF after the age of 35

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“Fertility decrease with age, Chances of conceiving pregnancy naturally for a woman in her 30s drops down to 10%,but with the right guidance and best assisted reproductive technique this can be tackled”~Dr.Neha Jain

In vitro fertilization or IVF is the most effective form of ART( assisted reproductive technology). It is a medical procedure that primarily aims to prevent genetic problems and assists with the conception of a child. The success rate of IVF depends on certain factors which include the cause for infertility, age factor, and geographical location. According to NCBI research, depending on the age, the statistics claim that pregnancy was achieved in an average below 45 % of all cycles.IVF cycles that resulted in live births constituted an average Below 40%.
Childbearing years for women are between late teens and 20s. The success rate of normal pregnancy keeps declining with growing age. After 35, the difficulties increase but can be taken care of by adopting reproductive procedures such as IVF and IUI.
However, it is not easy for everyone to accept a child born through an artificial mechanism. Every woman dreams of having a biological baby. You may have several emotions and questions digging in your mind as you prepare to go for infertility treatment. Moreover, anxiety and sadness are obvious as you will be making a substantial physical and financial investment knowing that the results are uncertain. So, let us take a look at a few things to consider while going for IVF after the age of 35.

So, let’s take a look at

Things to keep in mind while considering IVF after the age of 35

Feel free to skip ahead if one topic catches your eye:
1. The Facts
2. Age and Fertility:A Women’s Biological Clock
3. Men’s age matters too
4. Look for the best expert for you
5. Know exactly where you stand
6. IVF process requires patience
7. Be open about your struggles
8. Egg Sharing Program
9. Look into a money-back guarantee
10. Travel for IVF
11. Throughout it all, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself.


1. The Facts

Is age a concern related for conceiving pregnancy? The ability to conceive highly depends on your age, getting pregnant after 35 isn’t impossible. It is just more likely that you may face some difficulties while conceiving.
For girls, reproductive years begin by the onset of their ovulation and menstruation cycle.The ability to conceive decreases as women get older and fertility may end 5 to 10 years before menopause.
Fertility declines with age. In the present era, age-related infertility is becoming common for multiple reasons therefore it’s always recommended to consult the best IVF expert near you.With growing age, the rate of miscarriage also increases. This is so because the number of eggs that remain in the ovaries of a woman decreases with old age. Besides, the probability of certain birth defects in a child is high if you conceive late. According to our doctor, after handling many cases of infertility, only 44 percent of women between 35-40 years of age conceive within a year of trying. Conceiving might be possible after four years of additional trying in growing age. On the other hand, the likelihood of normal pregnancy for an average healthy woman of age 35 or more is only 5%.


2. Age and Fertility: A woman’s Biological Clock

“A woman’s age has a direct impact on her fertility,with increasing age the number and quality of egg deteriorates significantly,it’s best advised to consult a fertility expert at the earliest to know where you stand”~Dr.Shilpa Gupta

A woman’s peak reproductive years are when she is in her late teens or 20s. By the time she approaches her 30s, the fertility rate starts decreasing and by the age of 45, getting pregnant naturally becomes almost impossible. According to our infertility specialist, a woman’s ability to childbearing reduces as they age because they begin life with only a certain amount of eggs in their ovaries. With increasing age, the egg count decreases. Also, with older age, there is a high risk of disorders such as uterine fibroids and endometriosis. These can drastically affect fertility in women. At the time of birth a girl has approximately one million oocytes and by the time the girl hits puberty this number decreases to 300-400 thousand and it further continue to decline with age.The chances of conceiving for a woman in her 20’s is 20-25 percent and this percentage significantly drops to 10 percent in her thirties and the number further drops to 5 percent per month in her forties.The quality of eggs also decreases with age, the decline in quality is that occurs at the age of 35-40 is larger as compared to the decline that happens between 30-35. Therefore it’s important that a women consult with a fertility expert from the best IVF clinic near at the earliest.


3. Men’s age matters too

“Malefactor influence nearly two-third of infertility cases.” – Dr. Jagatjeet Singh

Wondering how a male’s age affects fertility? Though the effect of female age on fertility is a serious concern, the age of males is equally considerable when it comes to childbearing as well as fetal growth. Studies claim that male fertility and sperm quality starts declining after 40. With the older male age, the overall chances of pregnancy become too low. There are risks of miscarriage and fetal death. Although rare, a child born in such cases might face severe mental health issues and an autism spectrum disorder.You can get an infertility examination at a fertility clinic to know where you stand on your fertility journey..


4. Look for the best expert for you

“It’s important to choose the right fertility clinic.Always ask the clinic about their experience with a women of your age and similar medical health conditions”~Dr.Jagatjeet Singh

Once you have decided to go for infertility treatment, the next research to be done is to find the best fertility clinic for you and your partner. Choose a good infertility specialist, It is very important. While looking for the clinic, focus on certain points to choose the most suitable one for you:
● Know about the number of years of experience of a medical director, doctors, and technicians in the clinic. Frequent changes in staff can be a bad sign of management.
● Get the details of the procedures performed in the clinic and how often? Ensure that the clinic has the best possible infertility remedies and latest technologies as well as types of equipment.
● Get a fair knowledge of the total costs that will be incurred during the treatment as well as follow-up sessions and medications. It is good to know costs ahead of time so that you plan accordingly.
● The center should have a protocol to treat each case individually,It has been observed that many IVF centers combine many IVF cases all together and perform IVF on all of them at once which results into poor results of all cases,Every case is unique and it needs to be treated individually
Evaluating the best IVF clinic near you is the first step towards a successful parenthood


5. Know exactly where you stand

“Every case is different,what works for one might not work for the other.It’s really important to know what are the factors leading to infertility and accordingly the solution needs to be modulated”~Dr.Shilpa Gupta

Everyone couple of dreams to become a parent at some point in life to complete their family. Are you deprived of this joy and feel depressed? If so, consult our fertility specialist to help you overcome infertility and select a treatment option that is the best fit for you.
Here, at baby joy clinic, we offer you some infertility treatment options which include:
● In vitro fertilization(IVF): IVF is the most effective medical procedure for assisted reproductive technology. It is a series of complex procedures of fertilization where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body in a glass container in the laboratory. Then, the fertilized egg(embryo) is transferred to the uterus. It is a treatment for genetic problems and assists with the conception of a child.
● Intrauterine insemination(IUI): Are you are facing infertility issues and looking for an affordable solution? Then, IUI is a ray of hope for you as couples. Intrauterine insemination is an artificial insemination technique that involves the forceful introduction of sperm into the female’s cervix to achieve pregnancy without sexual intercourse. This is a fertility treatment for humans as well as deals with animal breeding. IUI may be the best choice if the female is facing serious cervical mucus problems or there is cervical scar tissue from past procedures which cause hindrance in sperm injection.
● Egg donation: It is a good choice for those women who are unable to conceive with their eggs but wish to become pregnant.


6. IVF process requires patience

The procedure of in vitro fertilization involves a lengthy time commitment. It is a labor-intensive process that requires multiple doctor’s visits. For the initial one or two weeks, your doctor will give you fertility medications to stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs. Also, in parallel, you need to get certain tests done along with daily ultrasound sessions. After the stimulation phase, your doctor will remove eggs and combine them with male sperm in the laboratory. Once the eggs are retrieved, one or more embryos will be placed back into the uterus. A few weeks later, a blood pregnancy test is done to confirm pregnancy. Therefore, the entire procedure is time consuming and needs a lot of patience and cooperation from the patient and his family. Most importantly, you need to have trust and hope that your doctor will do best to help you conceive and have a healthy baby.


7. Be open about your struggles

Every infertility treatment is mentally stressful. But as far as IVF is concerned, it can take an incredible toll on you both- physically and mentally. So you must be truly prepared for this treatment. It is a grueling and time-taking process. However, the best way out of all this is to be open about whatever you are facing. You should talk to people who have already been through this process. Also, the doctors and medical staff will guide you throughout the steps involved. You can also get a therapist or a counselor to help you get through the emotional side of IVF treatment.


8. Egg Donation Program

“Egg donation is a boon for parents who are unable to conceive naturally,Due to poor ovarian reserve couples might not be able to conceive but using high quality fertile eggs parenthood can be achieved by couples”~Dr.Neha Jain

Egg donation is a procedure in which the high quality fertile healthy egg of a young (Age 21-29 years) donor woman are taken for the process of IVF and the resulting embryo is transferred to the womb of the woman who is unable to conceive pregnancy naturally. The egg donation program is performed with extensive screening and evaluation process as per the guidelines of ICMR (Indian Council Of Medical Research). The stepwise working of egg donation procedure is as follows:

Step 1:Application to the Egg donor program
This marks the first step for any woman who is willing to donate eggs. She has to go through complete body screening and tests to avoid any future complications. Also, interviews are conducted by clinical coordinators and the physician. Once, the prospective donor clears all the tests and everything is positive, a confirmation call is made by our clinic. Once this is complete, intended parents may be asked to create an online profile. The prospective donor is also asked to sign documents showing her consent. Thereafter, she is added to our egg donor program so that there is an available option for a recipient couple.

Step 2:Selecting an Egg donor
Once the profile of the intended parents is uploaded to the clinic’s online database, it is open for all parents seeking a donor. An email is sent to the couple alerting that a new donor is available. Some donors get selected in a few days or weeks while others may have a much longer wait. This is so because intended acceptors mostly look for specific characteristics in a donor and are sometimes picky.
After the donor profile is selected or matching is done, email notification or confirmation through the phone is sent from Baby Joy Fertility Center. The personal details of the couple who has chosen the profile are kept hidden, however, the donor may ask about the type of family which means, the donor is allowed to ask whether the prospective recipient is gay, straight, single or married. Also, details about their geographical location can be taken.

Step 3: Suppression and Ovarian Stimulation
An egg donor is given Lupron injections daily to synchronize with the recipient’s menstrual cycle. During the days of ovarian stimulation, the donor will self-administer injections of gonadotropin to stimulate her ovaries. These injections force more than one egg to mature for retrieval.
During the ovulation phase, the patient needs to make regular visits to our clinic so that the entire process of ovarian stimulation can be monitored by our experts. Blood tests and ultrasounds are done to ensure no hyperstimulation of ovaries occur.

Step 4: Endometrial Lining Development for Donor Recipient
This is the next step to attain the success of donor egg cycle. A favorable uterine environment especially an endometrium is required at the recipient’s side. In parallel to egg development at the donor’s end, the recipient takes estrogen and progesterone to form endometrial lining for implantation.

Step 5:Triggering Ovulation process and Egg Retrieval from the Donor
After endometrial lining development, it is time to trigger ovulation for the egg donor. Once it is confirmed through ultrasound that donor eggs have sufficiently developed, eggs are retrieved from the donor’s body. The donor is given I.V sedation and eggs are retrieved transvaginally. The process is performed by our expert-guided by ultrasound.

Step 6:Fertilization and Embryo Transfer
Once the eggs are retrieved, they are made to fertilize with sperm of the recipients partner. The fertilized embryos are then incubated and graded. In normal cases, embryo transfer is done on the third day after donor egg retrieval.

Step 7: Check-up of Donor as well as Recipient
The last stage of the cycle is to ensure successful egg sharing. Although our doctors and their team closely monitor the donor’s health progress throughout the process, a post-retrieval check-up is done to make sure that she is recovering properly after ovarian stimulation and retrieval.
A pregnancy test is done for the recipient two weeks after embryo transfer. This is done by taking a blood sample and measuring its hCG levels. After two hCG tests and an ultrasound showing pregnancy, the recipient is referred to the obstetrician for prenatal care.


9. Look into a money-back guarantee

IVF is a costly procedure and after the age of 35 chances of successful IVF reduces so it’s really important to be cautious about your investment.Most fertility clinics do not offer a money back guarantee for IVF but at IVF centers like Baby Joy Fertility Clinic we endeavor to provide maximum customer satisfaction. To ensure this, we have a money-back guarantee for our clients. In this, if you are not satisfied with our treatment we will refund your amount.

10. Travel for IVF

“The overall cost of the treatment in India including travel cost is nearly one third of the treatment costs in other countries.” – Dr. Jagatjeet Singh

According to the research, a comparison of the basic IVF treatment cost across the globe was conducted. It was found that the cost of treatment varies immensely based on the location. The cost is the highest in the US and less in Asian countries. As far as India is concerned, the treatment cost of IVF in India is much lower as the cost of living here is not too high. However, the cost of IVF treatment, like any other treatment, largely depends on various other factors which largely include the physical attributes of the patient.
Certain factors such as age factor, fertility history, the period of marriage as well as your geographical location regulate the cost of IVF treatment. Besides, the experience and qualifications of the doctor are also considered in the entire treatment cost evaluation. The good news is that the treatment cost in India as compared to other countries is less.
A big question that remains is which is the best center for IVF in India? India is a big country and many centers are providing IVF facilities. We at Baby Joy IVF center offer low-cost IVF treatment with premium quality of staff and equipment. Also, the packages are customizable and the payment mode can be on an installment basis with easy EMIs.
You can know in detail about our services and client satisfaction after reviewing the clients’ comments on our website.

11. Throughout it all, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself

According to our infertility specialist, around 40 percent of patients seeking infertility treatment were diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Worrying and obsessing poses a negative impact on your ability of childbearing and in most cases leads to infertility. Researchers found that women with high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that indicates stress level, face huge difficulties in getting pregnant. It is therefore advised to take proper care of yourself and don’t let stress influence your chance of conception rather try to manage it with the help of your friends and family.
Here are some tips and suggestions that would help you stay focused and bring positivity and calmness in your life:
● Understand your feelings: going through infertility treatment for several months can be stressful in terms of physical as well as financial aspects. You need to understand and acknowledge it like its normal feeling.
● Talk to your partner: Infertility can create a rift between you and your partner. It can cause unspoken resentment, sexual pressure and a feeling of incompleteness for both of you. To bridge up and bring back love and concern, take proper counseling sessions with an infertility expert.
● Communicate with your friends and family: Share your fears and concerns with your closed ones. Allow your loved ones to know about what you are going through and how you want to be treated. They know you better and will offer love and support which you need the most during this phase of life.
● Join infertility support groups: There are certain infertility support groups. Contact the National Infertility Association(NIA) to help you directly to a local group. Frequent get-together with those facing the same problem as that of yours would make you feel comfortable and assure you that you aren’t alone.

Best wishes from Baby Joy

If you are commencing their journey of IVF and find it challenging and demanding, you are not alone. Although the fear is not completely unjustified, a little research, precautions, and teaming with an excellent doctor and fertility clinic can make it safe and smooth. Find a doctor who compassionately discusses the details of infertility and the procedure to be followed. Personalized care and world-class medical and psychological support can ensure your success through the journey of IVF.
We understand, there cannot be a stronger human emotion than the desire ‘to have Your Little One!’ “Baby Joy” is our endeavour to be part of your journey towards parenthood.
It is our VISION to set benchmarks in the field of Fertility management globally, through cutting edge technology, most advanced treatment protocols, & a highly acclaimed team of doctors, embryologists & support staff.
It is our MISSION to achieve high success rates at lowest cost, through highly customised fertility care, internationally accepted protocols & best global practices. We strongly believe in bringing transparency & honesty to Fertility care in India. We carry out egg donation & surrogacy through our sister concern WSC. This makes Baby Joy a comprehensive Fertility Centre providing 360 degree fertility solutions under 1 roof. We are one of the few recognised professionally run healthcare centres in India. Baby Joy offers comprehensive Infertility, Surrogacy and Test Tube Baby Solutions in India
At Baby Joy, we strive to ‘touch your lives’ by helping you ‘create life!’
Hoping to transform your dreams into reality, your desires into accomplishments & your Hope into Joy !

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