Effects of Low Vitamin C Intake on Female Fertility

Why role of VITAMIN C is necessary for female fertility?

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Every other nutrient plays a significant role in enhancing female fertility. It is crucial for aspiring parents who are strategically planning their family with hopes high to know, that there are certain dietary changes and lifestyle modifications to be made for a successful conception. We are what we eat! Yes, you heard it right. Female fertility is catalysed by what she consumes and what all is going from her plate to her mouth. To facilitate a quicker conception be it natural or treatment aided, one needs to nourish her body with as much essential Vitamins as possible. Well, to be precise every other IVF centre in Gurgaon suggests an optimal intake of Vitamin C to boost the chances of conception. Let’s delve deeper into the role that this Vitamin plays in helping a woman conceive smoothly. 

  • Antioxidant Properties: Well, every other textbook has taught us about the much warranted anti-oxidant properties that Vitam-C provides our body with. To nourish the reproductive organs every  IVF centre in Gurgaon would suggest the would-be mother to consume sufficient quantities of lemons, berries and other fresh fruits and vegetables. 


  • Hormonal Balance: Hormones play the helming role throughout the phase of ovulation hence, keeping hormonal fluctuations in check is necessary. Either natural sources of Vitamin C or supplements recommended by specialists at your chosen IVF centre in Gurgaon can contribute a significant lot to your reproductive health. The entire process of IVF treatment could be a little overwhelming and involves some amount of surgical interventions along with a couple of pills to be popped in. To support those medications and treatment plans of action, you need to prepare your body for specific nutritional needs. The best IVF centre in Gurgaon will provide you with a dedicated diet plan so that your body is optimally prepared for supporting IVF treatment and a successful conception at the earliest. Vitamin C can potentially shoot up Progesterone levels to aid healthy Uterine functioning. This is mostly suggested for women who have been dealing with PCOS symptoms that could be a hindrance while you plan for a child.

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  • Immune support: Every IVF centre recommends an intake of reasonable quantities of mixed berries when the woman is trying for a baby. A woman’s body is pretty sensitive during fertility treatments or during pregnancy in general. It is best to avoid any sort of infection for a successful implantation – conception – delivery. Ask your chosen centre for IVF to strategically include oranges, red and green bell peppers etc in your suggested diet plan for maximum and affordable Vitamin C intake. 
  • Collagen production: You must have come across this word in the ‘ beauty products’ industry. But did you know, that collagen production is equally and at times more important for reproductive organ cell generation and integration of tissues across the Uterus, Fallopian Tubes and Placental lining?

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  • Iron Absorption: There is no point in munching on dates and figs for Iron absorption during ovulation. You would need sufficient quantities of plums, cherries, chillies, guavas, gooseberries etc to aid iron absorption. This is how Vitamin C goes hand in hand with other nutrients functioning in your body. 


Do not skip to inquire about IVF Cost in Delhi since wise and practical financial allocation is needed for fertility treatments and long-term parenthood planning.  For Optimal immune function, neurotransmitter production and wound healing during fertility treatments or while you are pregnant, Vitamin C could be your dietary best friend. Understanding the complicated layers of female fertility is tough, however, seek the best IVF centre in Gurgaon so that you can make an informed decision while opting for fertility treatments. 

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