Treating Patients with Low AMH or Poor Semen Parameters at Best IVF Centre in Delhi

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AMH, in simple terms, can be considered as a measure of female fertility. It seems a little vague, but there is a significant relation between AMH levels and pregnancy. The female gonads secrete AMH or Anti-Mullerian Hormone. The level of AMH present in the blood indicated the number of viable eggs in the female ovaries.

AMH test is done to determine how fertile the female is. Normal AMH is around 1.5 to 4ng/ml. But with the advancement in age, there is a significant decrease in the level of AMH. But why? As mentioned earlier, the level of AMH indicated the number of viable eggs the female possesses. Women are naturally gifted with a large number of eggs during the beginning of their life cycle. But as the years pass by, the eggs are either shed out, degenerate, or get absorbed. This reflects in the decreased AMH levels.

The natural decrease in AMH

A low AMH level is usually seen in women once they start approaching 40 years of age. Most of their eggs are gone and the ones left, might not be good enough. It automatically decreases the probability of having children. And this can cause a lot of stress.

It is in the genes for humans to desire their bloodline to continue. That is how our brains are wired. And no matter how much we promote adoption, it will always be the last resort.

Having a baby with low AMH levels may seem impossible. Here, the only solution is to opt for IVF.

Poor Sperm Parameters

Just like women with AMH struggle with infertility, men with insufficient sperm parameters fail to impregnate a woman. Poor sperm parameters include things like low sperm count or absence of sperm in the semen. It can also refer to the presence of abnormal sperm.

It is impossible to get pregnant if either of the parents or both the parents face fertility issues. In conditions like these, IVF is the only plausible solution.

IVF concerning AMH and insufficient sperm parameters

It is a stated fact that low AMH or insufficient sperm parameters mean decreased fertility. But modern science has come a long way, and now we can bring much-needed happiness to infertile couples. We are the Best IVF Centre in Delhi that provides highest success rates at Lowest IVF Cost in cases of Low AMH OR Poor Semen parameters. Our doctors analyze your ovarian reserves & semen parameters to give you best guidance.. 

This step is vital as it determines if the woman’s original eggs can be used or not. In case they cannot be used, a donor is sought. If there are sufficient eggs, they are artificially matured. The mature ovum is collected carefully after being artificially fertilized by the sperm of the husband or the donor, depending on the condition of the husband’s sperms. It is kept under observation for a while.

If conditions deem fit, the fertilized ovum is soon released in the mother’s womb. The thing to understand here is that IVF has shown some fantastic results compared to many other techniques. You can have your child with this simple technique.

If you are one such couple, who is tired of trying things the natural way, you can seek our professional assistance at Baby Joy IVF – the Best IVF Centre in Delhi. Your happiness and satisfaction is our priority. We make sure that everything is executed to perfection. No mishaps occur under our watch. So what are you waiting for?

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