Safeguards & Measures to avoid any chances of Gamete Mixing by Best IVF Doctors in Delhi

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Safeguards & Measures to avoid any chances of Gamete Mixing by Best IVF Doctors in Delhi

Ever heard of gametes jumbling in an IVF laboratory? To some, it might sound funny, but it can have severe consequences for emotionally linked patients who come with the hope of having their biological child. So it should be avoided at all costs. This is why for reducing the chances of such goof-ups, a standard safeguard procedure of double-checking approach or human witnessing method is adopted. This is a manual double witnessing technique in which one embryologist observes another working embryologist throughout the whole laboratory procedures. The critical points of laboratory procedure include; Collecting oocytes and Sperms, Preparing and mixing sperm oocytes, Transferring embryos into tubes or vessels and placing gametes into cryostorage, etc. Embryologists are famous for being extra vigilant and perfectionists, and with this double witnessing approach, they ensure reduced risk of biological sample mix-up. But is this mechanism of control efficient enough? After all, at the end of the day, embryologists are also only humans with the constant risk of errors. This is where The RI Witness comes into the picture. It is an automated system that ensures critical detection and avoiding the possibility of human errors and improves the efficiency in the IVF laboratory. Our Best IVF Doctors in Delhi use RI witness system for 100% error free processes.

What is the RI Witness System?

RI Witness is an Electronic Witnessing System, which is a

modern-day technique used by IVF clinical practitioners that utilize RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to actively prevent mixing up of gametes by monitoring all kinds of activities in the IVF Laboratory. It is a pretty simple system where sperms, eggs, and embryos sample containers and tubes carry an RFID Tag, which lets the embryologists identity, track, and report every single step of the procedure taking place in the laboratory. Every patient couple is allocated an ID card, which includes a unique personal code that encodes the patient’s encrypted data during the whole IVF course and helps in zeroing the possibility of any mixup.

Why RI Witness?

RI Witnessis an automated system that does not require anyhuman interaction to monitor samples. It works from the very start when the patient is assigned an RFID Tag, till the end of IVF treatment. RI Witness streamlines the whole process and ensures the patients that the procedure is highly secure. If a mismatch of RFID tags appears, everything halts with a sound of an immediate alarm, and the system locks itself. So with no labor-intensive manual witnessing, it provides excellent safety against any mishaps or chances of errors. This way, RI Witness serves in reducing thestress and strengthening the confidence of the patients by bringing more clarity amidst assisting doctors and patients and maintains a steady and reliable process flow. RI Witness is a trustworthy system and best IVF labs all across the globe, are dependent on it for error-free operations. 

But for our Best IVF Doctors in Delhi at Baby Joy IVF, your satisfaction and security are utterly important and that is why the double witnessing approach is still applicable at our IVF labs for cross-checking the essential procedures like mixing of sperms and oocytes, other critical entry and exit points.

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