Reasons for Poor Oocyte Reserve in Young Females- Treatment by Best IVF Doctors in Delhi

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Poor Oocyte Reserve

When you think about it, many things can hamper your reproductive life. Many things can come between you and your baby, are you ready to take that risk? Poor Oocyte reserve is another reason which can prevent you from having a healthy baby.

What does Poor Ovarian Reserve mean?

To understand poor ovarian reserve, you must know what ovarian reserve means. All women are born with a limited number of eggs, and with advancing eggs these eggs are shed out one by one. There is no addition of eggs during the lifetime of a female. It results in decreased fertility which can have a serious impact on your chances of getting pregnant.

It should be understood that this is a gradual process. As you get old, your egg reserves are depleted and menopause arrives. But some factors can contribute to the early degeneration of eggs. It will result in poor ovarian reserve at an early age. However, at Baby Joy IVF, Best IVF Doctors in Delhi can treat poor Ovarian reserve theough international protocols

Factors which lead to Poor Ovarian Reserve in Young Female

The most common factor related to poor ovarian reserve in a young female is genetic abnormalities. Genetic factors increase the rate of degradation of eggs which can lead to infertility at an early age. Other factors include- environmental factors, medical conditions like endometriosis, damage during ovarian surgery, and cancer. Cancer as such harms the body, but pairing it with chemotherapy and radiotherapy has a massive negative effect on the reproductive system of a female. At Baby Joy IVF, we have Best IVF Specialists in Delhi to explain the causes.

Ovarian Reserve Screening

There are many young couples facing issues related to pregnancy and conception. Numerous factors are involved, and it is the job of a gynaecologist to determine the underlying reasons. Numerous tests are performed, but often in a young female, deficient ovarian reserve is not considered as a possible reason. It is because the poor ovarian reserve is often associated with increased age, usually beyond 35 years.

Therefore, it is essential to perform an ovarian reserve screening, even in young females. Ovarian Reserve Screening should be considered especially in conditions where a female has undergone ovarian surgery or chemotherapy.

Ovarian Reserve Screening can help you plan you, baby. In addition to this, if the conditions are already depleting, the doctors can use the results from your ovarian reserve screening to determine the best course of treatment.

Ovarian Reserves are assessed via screening different hormones like FSH, Estradiol, AMH, and AFC.

We do best scanning through our IVF Doctors / IVF Specialists.

Management of Poor Ovarian Reserve cases

There have been miraculous advancements in this field. With numerous studies going on, many ways have emerged via which females with poor ovarian reserves can get pregnant.

The most common method is IVF. The remaining eggs are stimulated with Synarel, a GnRH agonist. It stimulates the eggs, which mature at a faster rate. Some suitable eggs are withdrawn from the female and maintained artificially for a while.

The healthiest egg is selected and fertilized with the father’s sperm. Once the fertilization is complete it is maintained under observation. After a while, if everything goes according to plan, the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus of the mother.

It has shown incredible results. Other methods include the use of donor oocytes and the use of different hormonal preparations to maximize the chances of pregnancy.

BabyJoy IVF  is a modern institute that can help you get pregnant, even with weak ovarian reserves. All you need to do is contact Best IVF Doctors/ Best IVF Specialists via our website or call us on 9999-48-1013. We are here to help you realize your dream of having a baby.

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