IVF Treatment & IVF Cost in Delhi during & Post Covid-19 Pandemic

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IVF Cost in Delhi

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected almost every single one of us. With this there comes an overlong list of matters to consider. But dream of becoming a mother and “having a baby” is on that list? As the novelty Corona Virus rages around us directly or indirectly, it has affected fertility patients all around the globe. From IVF and embryo transfer adjournments to infertility treatments, everything has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Many couples who were thinking to go for IVF to fulfill their dream of parenthood, are considering either to delay their plans and wait until everything is back to normal Or start consultation after weighing due safety measures. But do all women considering IVF treatment have the luxury of time? What about the ones having their biological clock ticking and standing right at the cusp of menopause, this could be their last chance to make their dream of motherhood come true! Since we don’t know the exact timeframe of this pandemic, you should not give up the hope and opportunity of having your genetic baby and your dream family.

Is Fertility Treatment Necessary in this Pandemic?
Of course, it is! For now, in India, holding your fertility treatment is simply a voluntary decision.

Firstly, being responsible to ourselves and the society, everyone’s priority needs to be the safety. But we also shouldn’t overlook the fact that infertility is a reproductive disease. And if infertility is the struggle you have been handling and has affected your plans of being gifted with motherhood, then consulting the doctor is the right thing to do. If you are lucky enough and have time before menopause, you can still get the ball rolling by coming up with the list of tests and formalities that requires to be done at the moment! There is also no harm in moving ahead with consultation, mainly when you have an option to do it from the privacy and protection of your own house. Besides this, if you have decided not to wait anymore and continue with the treatment: At Baby Joy IVF, your safety is of utmost importance to us! Thus, we have opted for 9 World-class Work Ethics and safety protocols that ensure your safety as well as instill confidence. 

  1. Sanitization Tunnel at Main Entrance
  2. Changing Fresh Mask before Entering Premises
  3. Infra-Red Thermal Screening
  4. Whole Body Disinfectant Spray
  5. Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser
  6. Checking Notification in AarogyaSetu app
  7. Implementing Social Distancing Norms
  8. Self Declaration & COVID-19 Consent
  9. Proper OPD Shield & Precautions

Studies also showed that the Virus can’t enter the Gametes and uterus because of the absence of ACE2 receptors making it safe to undergo IVF. Apart from that, sturdy systems used in IVF labs minimize the risks of the virus and ensures the safety of stored embryos, eggs, and sperms. We are also minimizing the foot-fall to necessity as a safety measure.

IVF and Infertility treatments post Covid-19 pandemic

After the situation normalizes, everything will be thesame as before. All IVF procedures will go the same as they are supposed to be. We will remain here for our patients and give them the best care possible. But we will not stop just there and will be extra careful and continue to change our ways to best suit the well-being of our patients as well as staff.

IVF Cost in Delhi during Covid 19  Pandemic

The IVF Cost in Delhi has slightly increased at other centres due to Covid 19 Test. However, IVF Cost in Delhi at Baby Joy IVF has not increased, since we are getting these tests done at our end, without charging anything to the Intending parent. In addition, we at Baby Joy IVF are always here to support you throughout this time of uncertainty. Thus, we have introduced  Special Lockdown IVF Discount of Rs. 71,000/ and Free Check-up to further reduce Cost of IVF in Delhi. Call us at: 9999-48-1013

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