IVF Success in cases of Multiple IVF Failures by Best IVF Doctors in Delhi

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In vitro Fertilization (IVF) is undoubtedly one of the finest fertility treatments available today. Unfortunately, there are a number of patients suffering because of multiple IVF failures. Going through one or more failed IVF cycle is overwhelming and frustrating. We understand here the major reasons behind multiple IVF failures and how IVF success in case of suffering patients as shared by best IVF doctors in Delhi.

Factors Responsible for IVF Failure and Treatments Available

What matters a lot for a successful IVF cycle are functional sperm, healthy egg, and a uterus that must be capable of nurturing the expansion of a baby. Apart from these, there are several other factors that also decide the failure or success of an IVF cycle and those are lab techniques, laboratory environment, skill of the experts involved in the egg retrieval and embryo transfer modules.

  1. Poor Egg Quality

A healthy egg is directly proportional to a healthy embryo. Poor egg quality or abnormalities in the age lead to a chromosomally irregular embryo. Recall your high school days where we studied when the cell splits, half of the chromosomes are responsible to move in one direction and rest are exactly in the opposite direction, which results two matching cells. 

Embryo implantation rates are higher in case of women younger in age (till 35 years). Even your uterus is simply perfect but if the quality of eggs is not satisfactory it will create issue and in that case switching to IVF with donor eggs is recommended by top IVF doctors.

2- Abnormal or poor sperm Quality

The sperm has a major role during fertilization of the female egg and hence it must be motile, healthy, and adequate in quantity. The sperms and eggs both hold explicit receptors on their surface that permit for their interaction. During the interaction, enzymes releases from the sperm head which is responsible for creating hold in outer membranes of the egg, further permits it to penetrate through.

However, excluding chromosomal factors, sperm is not among the list of causes responsible for IVF failure as if there is any qualitative or quantitative issues with the sperm it can be easily noticed during semen analysis and in that case patients are provided the choice of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) or IVF treatment with donor sperm by top IVF treatment doctor.

3- Failure of Embryo implantation

IVF is an intricate procedure and finding failure at any stage is possible. However, one of the major reasons behind IVF failure is the failure of Embryo implantation. It could happen because of the issues with embryos or the uterus, but this is complicated to detect. Most IVF doctors believe that arrest of embryos is mainly to blame for the failure of Embryo implantation.

Genetic or chromosomal irregularities are sometimes responsible to make the embryo too weak for IVF treatment. However, best doctors for IVF recommend PGS testing with IVF for pushing the success rate in between 60-65%.

4- Age of Female & Ovarian response

The age of the woman, uterus health and how her body adopts IVF medications also have major role whether IVF will be a success or not. During IVF cycle, medications are prescribed so that the ovaries can produce more eggs. If you already own elevated FSH levels or lessen number of eggs there could be the case that IVF medications will not work ideally in your case.

If your body is capable to adopt IVF medications and responding well, it means IVF will be a success for you. There are few basis fertility tests for women are recommended by the doctor for IVF to know your fertility levels and provide required treatments.

5- Genetic & Chromosomal issues

We have found chromosomal abnormalities in human embryos are one of the top reasons of IVF failure. There are a number of studies published on the rate of chromosomal abnormalities in human eggs which usually increases after the mid-30s. Women above 40 years of age are more prone to Chromosomal disorder and hence lower rate of IVF success is detected.

Along with that, genetic issues in the sperm also force us to change the module of the treatment. Best IVF doctors can easily detect chromosomal integrity of an embryo using pregenetic screening (PGS) testing and accordingly the treatment protocols are prescribed.

Hope, the above points will help you to know why there are multiple IVF failures and how the case can be taken back to the normal with the required treatments. Our ultimate purpose at Baby Joy IVF is bringing IVF success in your case and therefore we have best IVF doctors in Delhi and infrastructure to deal with your issues. We are here to counsel you at every stage of your treatment. So, just don’t worry, relax as we are here to assist you in every possible way.  

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