IVF Success for PCOS patients by Best IVF Center in Delhi

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You must be struggling to find how PCOS patients are treated with IVF by best IVF center in Delhi. Well, here we understand what is Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and how effective IVF in case of PCOS patients.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is nothing but a hormonal disorder which exists in women of reproductive age. The major symptoms of PCOS include protracted or irregular menstrual periods or androgens.

PCOS forces ovaries to produce follicles which restrict the release of eggs and establish barriers for woman to get pregnant. Although, the actual reason is unidentified, still this disease can be successfully treated and if the treatment starts at an early stage, women can avoid long-tail complications for example diabetes or heart disease.

How PCOS affect fertility?

PCOS offers massive negative impact on fertility as women suffering from this disease are unable to ovulate regularly or release eggs. Women willing to get pregnant, they have to change their lifestyle first including losing weight or improving exercising habits. However, even after changing the lifestyle, women have to face irregular ovulation. In that case, IVF must be the foremost choice of patients. The initial therapy includes taking prescribed drugs to stimulate ovulation.

If the prescribed medications are not working then patients may be asked to receive fertility injections which will further help body to release eggs.

Therefore, you should not get worried because PCOS patents can be treated and women can get pregnant if they follow certain protocols as prescribed by best IVF centres.

IVF Success for PCOS patients

A majority of women with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) who could not get pregnant using other fertility treatments became pregnant using IVF, most of them are under 40 and chosen a top IVF centre.

Not all centres for IVF treatment are same and hence couples should carefully analyze the clinic infrastructure, doctors, and success rate before finalizing the one.

How to Control Multiple Pregnancy Risks with PCOS?

  • In case injectable gonadotropins is used for treating PCOS there is a higher chance for multiple pregnancy may be triplets or more and even the risk level is also intolerable for certain couples.
  • Advancement in IVF technologies allow experts to maintain high pregnancy success rates along with controlling multiple pregnancy risk.
  • Blastocyst embryo transfer is an amazing variant belongs to the standard IVF treatment and highly useful to control multiple birth rates.

Genuinely, IVF has huge success rate in case of PCOS patients. It has actually helped many couples with PCOS to get pregnant and giving successful birth to a child. However, there are certain protocols that have been prescribed by the top IVF center in Delhi and are compulsory for IVF success in case of PCOS patients.

Prescribed IVF Protocols for PCOS

Mainly, there are two IVF stimulation protocols used by best centre for IVF with PCOS and they are as follows:

First, PCOS down-regulation which includes Oral contraceptive pills, Metformin, and Lupron down-regulation ovarian stimulation protocol

Second, Ganirelix with Lupron trigger protocol which is basically used for avoiding ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Let me elaborate down-regulation protocol in case of PCOS patients:

  • Metformin 500mg is usually given 3 times a day for a month in prior to starting Lupron.
  • Further, Oral contraceptive pills are recommended to take for almost 21 days.
  • Ovarian stimulation usually commences after six or seven pill-free days.
  • Further, controlling the dose of injectable FSH hormone and vigilant supervision of the ovarian response is crucial in case of PCOS patients.

Does IVF work with PCOS?

Of course yes, I think IVF is the best treatment available to treat women with PCOS who are willing to get pregnant. If I talk about the fact, IVF ensures up to 70% chance of getting pregnant in case of patients with PCOS and after getting pregnant, women have 60% chance of giving birth to a baby.

A reputed and top center for IVF has in-house laboratories, facilities and best experts to meet your fertility needs. They have already secured huge IVF success rate in the past and this gives them an added level of confidence to serve you better.

If you are a woman diagnosed with PCOS then you need to find the best IVF clinic for you where you can ask and clarify all your doubts. For a successful IVF, it is also essential for you know all stages involved in it. A good IVF centre is always ready to listen to your concerns and clarify all your doubts. They never hide treatment protocols, lab facilities, doctors available and it helps you to proceed with the treatment confidently.

Call the best IVF center in Delhi on 88-0000-1978 or visit www.babyjoyivf.com and make an appointment to know more about IVF treatment in Delhi.

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