Importance of Semen Analysis in Male Infertility Treatment by best IVF doctors in Delhi

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Male infertility is no more a barrier if a couple is trying to conceive. Gone are the days when Male infertility used to be a curse due to unavailability of medical equipments, skilled doctors and proper treatment methods.

Today, Male infertility can be successfully treated by best IVF doctors in Delhi. However, semen analysis is crucial when we proceed with the treatment of male infertility.

“So, what is Semen analysis?”

Let me explain it in a very simple way- semen analysis is nothing but a sperm count test. Semen is the fluid which contains sperms along with sugar protein substances and it is released during the ejaculation.

Semen analysis helps us to understand the quality and health of sperm- its shape, number, and movement.

We may conduct two or three different sperm analysis test to get a clear idea about your sperm health. However, it depends upon your medical history and health condition.

Why Semen analysis is important in male infertility treatment?

Semen analysis is crucial and recommended by top IVF doctors as a first step towards the male infertility treatment. It helps us to determine if a man is fertile. There could be a number of reasons when a couple is unable to conceive and it also includes sperm dysfunction and low sperm count.

Let’s go through the reasons behind semen analysis and how it is important in male infertility treatment.

Semen analysis helps us to identify and evaluate the following:

Fructose levelFructose is the sugar present in semen and it is responsible to nurture and provide energy to the sperm. If the fructose is absent then it means there are some problems with the seminal vesicles.   The seminal vesicles are nothing but glands availability of which can be found behind the bladder in the male reproductive system. These glands are capable to release seminal fluid rich in fructose with the help of liver, kidneys, prostate gland and vas deferens.  
Appearance of semenThe semen is basically whitish-gray in color along with a jelly-like texture. However, if it is red-brown it indicates the presence of blood in the semen and if it is yellow then there may be a case of jaundice or some medications side-effects.
pH level of the spermA healthy man always produces the healthy sperm. Here the term ‘healthy sperm’ denotes the sperm which is capable to move around and can penetrate the egg for fertilization.   The health of sperm is directly proportional to the chances of fertilization. So, what is pH level and what is the recommended pH level of the sperm?   If the pH level of sperms is low it means the sperm is acidic in nature and if it is high then it signifies the alkaline nature of the sperm.   According the World Health Organization, the pH level of the sperm should be 7.2 – 7.8.
Sperm motilityAn adequate range of the sperm motility is 40-50%. Poor sperm motility has adverse affect on the fertility of a man. Sperm motility tracks the number of moving sperms and their movement nature
Sperm countBest IVF doctors in Delhi recommends that the sperm count should be 15 million/ml or above. If the sperm count is low it means the testicles are not able to produce adequate sperm which is a sign of Oligozoospermia (male infertility).
Sperm volume levelsBeing a man, you should know tour sperm volume levels. According to study, the quality of sperms plays a vital role in male infertility. Semen analysis helps us to know your sperm volume levels.

This was all about importance of semen analysis in male infertility treatment and why IVF doctors in Delhi recommends it. Ask your IVF doctor all about semen analysis and how can you proceed with the same.

Precautions you should take while coming for Semen collection

According to best IVF doctors, you must take these precautions while coming for semen collection:

  • It is not suggested to consume tobacco or alcohol at least 2 to 3 days prior to coming for semen collection.
  • You should stop medications you are taking. However, let us know about the same first and then you can follow our recommendations.
  • If you faced any problems in the past during semen collection then let your IVF doctor know about it. They will recommend you certain medicines or alternative methods.
  • It is not recommended to use any saliva or lubricants.
  • We never encourage patients to bring their semen sample from their home. However, have a conversation with our IVF doctors and they will suggest you what to do?

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