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  • Unexplained infertility is a frustrating and controversial diagnosis as it is a diagnosis of elimination.
  • Unexplained infertility can only be definitely labelled as it is after a complete and thorough fertility evaluation of both female and male partners.
  • It is also important to justify that unexplained infertility is not same as idiopathic male infertility.
  • The term unexplained infertility (UI) was previously used for couples in which standard investigations like semen analysis, ovulation tests and tubal patency tests were normal with a prevalence of 30-40% of total infertile population.
  • Some minor dysfunctions like endometriosis, undiagnosed pelvic infection and subtle ovulatory dysfunctions are misdiagnosed as UI creating a dilemma whether term UI really exists or not.
  • Currently utility of tests other than basic tests of semen quality, ovulation and tubal patency have to be proven. Lately diagnostic laparoscopy has come into upfront role.
  • Scientific curiosity must come into action through hystero-laparoscopy to reach a more pragmatic approach which takes into account both diagnosis and treatment at the same time.
  • The increasing necessity of identifying a specific cause of infertility has emerged due to availability of targeted interventions.
  • Thus it is important for couples with UI to receive individualized treatment based on their actual cause of infertility diagnosed by laparoscopy. This Treatment Can Be Given By Best IVF Doctors In Delhi
  • In prospective observational studies prevalence of different lesions diagnosed at laparoscopy which are not detected on 2D/3D USG/HSG is calculated.
  • Laparoscopically detected abnormalities are common in both primary and secondary infertility group.
  • Mild and minimal endometriosis was diagnosed in 41.67% females and pelvic inflammatory disease component in form of extravasation of dye and pelvic adhesions was seen in 38.5% of women.These two abnormalities are found to be most common in such women.
  • Other abnormalities as sacculated tubes, para-ovarian cyst and fimbrial cyst can also be diagnosed in such cases.
  • Meticulous screening of women with possibility of hidden intrauterine and extra-uterine infections should be carried out. Thus diagnostic laparoscopy is an integral part in the evaluation of cases before tagging them with “unexplained.”
  • Other underlying conditions that may cause subtle infertility include uncontrolled diabetes, an undiagnosed thyroid disorder, and some autoimmune illnesses.
  • In such cases for most couples these days, whether to go for IVF or not is a huge decision having impact on medical, emotional and financial factors. Best IVF Doctor In Delhi Can Help In Taking Such Decision.
  • In cases where couples are not able to take that step forward towards the path of IVF, an infertility counselor or a support group come into action.

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