Egg Freezing and Other Fertility Treatments at Best IVF Cost in Delhi

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Egg Freezing is a modality that helps to preserve the fertility of woman who wants to delay childbearing for some medical or personal reasons. Egg freezing is also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation. This process involves harvesting of eggs from the ovaries and freezing the unfertilized eggs which are then stored for future use. These eggs are thawed and fertilized with sperm to make embryos at a later date and then implanted in womb.
Egg freezing is a safe technique and very patient, as Egg freezing does not require a male partner or a sperm donor for fertilization unlike embryo freezing. This process involves stimulation of ovaries with fertility medicines for growth of greater number of follicles and retrieval of eggs at the time of ovum pickup.
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Indications for Egg Freezing :

  1. Women undergoing cancer treatment which involves chemotherapy and radiotherapy which hampers the fertility and affects the ovaries.
  2. Women who are undergoing IVF treatment some women prefer egg freezing instead of embryo freezing because of religious or ethical reasons.
  3. Conditions which can affect the fertility like autoimmune condition like Lupus, sickle cell anaemia and situations like transgender.
  4. Some women want to delay childbearing for some personal reasons so they can freeze their younger eggs which can be used at a later date to avoid age related problems.

Risks associated with egg freezing :

1.Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: In rare cases , some women respond to fertility drugs in exaggerated manner which causes painful and swollen ovaries after egg retrieval. Patient may experience nausea, vomiting , abdominal pain and bloating and diarrhea in mild to moderate cases.
2.Complications related to procedure: In rare cases bleeding, infection, injury to bowel, bladder or blood vessel may happen at the time of egg retrieval.
3.Emotional problems: As egg freezing gives a false hope of pregnancy with frozen eggs but success of IVf is limited.

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Tests Required before Egg Freezing:

  1. Ovarian Reserve assessment:It includes AMH and AFC ( antral follicle count) assessment on ultrasound which gives an idea about the quantity and to some extent quality of eggs and also helps in predicting the ovarian response to fertility medicines.
  2. Screening for Infections: HIV, HBsAg, Hepatitis C, VDRL tests are required to rule out infections before starting the procedure.
    All these tests are done at Baby Joy IVF which also offers best IVF price in Delhi.
    Procedure for Ovarian stimulation:
    Injectable Gonadotrophins which can be FSH or HMG preparation is given to woman for 9 to 12 days period which helps in stimulating the ovaries to achieve more number of growing eggs unlike the normal menstrual cycle where only one egg is released every month. Another drugs used are Gonadotrophin releasing hormone agonist or antagonist to prevent premature ovulation.Finally HCG injection is given for egg maturation and ovulation. The response to stimulation is monitored by transvaginal ultrasound and blood tests like E2 assessment. After trigger injection, ovum pick up procedure is done for egg retrieval under general anaesthesia. It is done through vaginal route using transvaginal scan along with which ovum pick up needle is introduced to aspirate follicles from both ovaries simultaneously. Some women may feel abdominal cramps or fullness after the procedure which subsides within few days. After Egg retrieval, they are frozen at very low temperature of -196 degree C to halt all the biological activities within the eggs and stored in liquid nitrogen for future use.
    Most advanced technique used nowadays is Vitrification which involves the use of cryoprotectants in higher concentrations to prevent the formation of ice crystals within the cells along with rapid cooling. Another method of freezing is slow freezing.
    After the procedure patient is advised to resume normal activities within a week and advised to abstain from sex and to report to doctor in case of any problems like high fever, heavy bleeding from vagina, pain abdomen and increasing weight gain.
    70 to 80% of frozen eggs survive after thawing which are used for embryo formation. ICSI may be required to inject one sperm in one egg to form an embryo. Implantation rate can vary from 30 to 60% depending upon the age of women.
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