Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Affect Fertility? Here’s What the Best IVF Clinic in Delhi Says

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Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Affect Fertility? Here’s What the Best IVF Clinic in Delhi Says

Availability of COVID-19 vaccines has undoubtedly decreased the COVID infection rate worldwide. It is the great achievement of scientists and doctors who worked hard to discover vaccine available to patients and the public. However, it brought a number of questions and rumors among the people or you can also say it confusion whether to take vaccine or not. One of such commonly asked questions are Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Affect Fertility? This question is being asked at global level and let’s read what the Best IVF Clinic in Delhi Says about the connection between COVID-19 vaccine and fertility.

Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Affect Fertility?

If we listen to medical experts and doctors at IVF clinic in Delhi it mentions that there is no evidence which shows any vaccines, along with Covid-19 vaccines, affect your odds to conceive despite a myth resulting otherwise. Medical experts say that there is no such biological reason based on which it can be said that the COVID-19 shots will affect fertility. There are many cases where women get pregnant even after taking COVID-19 vaccine however when and how the vaccine will be scheduled should be asked by your medical consultant.

Yes, Researchers started studying anecdotal reports of short-term changes to periods after taking the COVID-19 vaccine but it doesn’t mean actually the shots taken will put your fertility at risk.

Vaccination Recommended

The obstetrician groups and medical experts recommend pregnant individuals to take Covid-19 vaccines as they are prompted to face severe illness in case got infected by the Coronavirus. Pregnant women if infected with the virus need intensive care.

Don’t worry, IVF clinics are always willing to answer your concerns on whether or not to take Covid-19 vaccine and what will be the schedule of vaccines. Just feel free to ask your concern and they are here to assist you in every possible way.

Should I Feel Safe to Take COVID-19 Vaccine?

No matter you are planning to have a baby, trying to conceive or undergoing fertility treatment at clinic for IVF treatment, you should not delay taking vaccine. IVF experts at best clinic for IVF have vaccination schedule and hence will recommend you accordingly. However, it is completely safe to take vaccine as it is not going to affect your fertility. Women who are actively trying to conceive should not get delayed in vaccination as there are no such reasons that force you to delay your pregnancy after getting vaccinated.

Confusion started arise with a false report shared on social media which mentioned syncitin-1 that is responsible for the growth and attachment of the placenta while in pregnancy. It was claimed in this report that COVID-19 vaccine causes women body to fight against this disparate spike protein which ultimately affect fertility. However, in actual these two proteins are not similar and hence getting vaccinated will not affect a woman’s fertility even if she is undergoing through in vitro fertilization methods.

Can COVID-19 become severe in case of pregnant women?

Yes, pregnant women are also included in high-risk group for severe COVID-19 illness.

  • According to a recent data there is an enhanced risk of intensive care unit admission, requirement of ventilator support and mechanical ventilation and death cases in pregnant women affected by coronavirus.
  • Co-morbidities along with socioeconomic and racial factors also increase the chance of severe illness in case of pregnant women with symptomatic COVID-19.
  • Lactating women are less prone to develop severe illness when compared to the non-pregnant group.

Does COVID-19 vaccine affect fertility in men?

According to the medical experts and best IVF clinic, there is no relation between infertility in men with COVID-19 vaccine. There are several studies concluded so far where men’s sperm counts are noted before and after the vaccination and there is no significant changes were recorded. Furthermore, studies also shows there is no increment in birth defects or miscarriage rates in pregnancies where male partner got vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore, it is completely wrong to say that COVID-19 causes infertility in men.

Hope, I have cleared your doubt on “Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Affect Fertility?” I have also shared the myth which came from social media and claimed Covid-19 vaccines cause infertility in men and women. If you have any confusion left you can easily clarify with your consultant at Best IVF Clinic in Delhi or ask your doctor. However, you should feel free to get vaccinated no matter you are planning to have a baby, or attempting to conceive. There is no medical evidence found so far which marks the interconnectivity between COVID-19 vaccine and fertility.

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