Does Covid-19 Affect Male Fertility- Know From The Best IVF Center in Gurgaon?

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When the Covid-19 appeared on the surface of the planet, the whole world panicked. To this day, the pandemic has economic, physical, and psychological effects on the planet. Unfortunately, the covid has also had an impact on us that we can not even gauge.

It is unsettling to imagine what a virus can do. Although it is known that coronavirus primarily affects the respiratory system, some studies suggest that the virus can also damage other regions of the body, including the male reproductive system, particularly the testes. Recent research has shown that the coronavirus effects in more ways than we can imagine. In this article by the best IVF center in Gurgaon, we will learn more about the effects of coronavirus on male fertility.

Covid-19 and Male Infertility: Center for IVF

Since the emergence of the covid virus, one of the most commonly seen outcomes has been the impairment of the male reproductive system. A study suggests that the most important effects on the reproductive system are part of the inflammatory response of the cytokine storm that follows infection. There has been much speculation about how COVID -19 might affect a man’s fertility. Although there is no evidence that COVID -19 affects fertility, recent studies suggest that a possible long-term effect of the COVID -19 virus negatively affects male fertility and may even cause male infertility. For more related information you can contact the Baby Joy center for IVF.

What Does Male Fertility Have to Do With Covid?

To enter and imitate in humans, the covid virus requires binding to an ACE2 receptor, a protein located on the surface of cells in the mouth, lungs, heart, and additional organs. The male testicles have the highest ACE2 mRNA expression of all tissues in the body, leading researchers to believe they may be a target for invasion and damage by the virus. According to research, the COVID -19 virus can impair male fertility and sperm quality, depending on the severity of the sickness. However, it does not take away your chances of starting a family. With the help of the best center for IVF, you can fulfill your dream of parenthood.

Impacts on Nervous System and Male Fertility: IVF Center

The effects of Covid on the neurological system are another prominent impact on male fertility. According to research, the wide-ranging effects of the virus on the central nervous system impair endocrine regulation and secretion in the body, resulting in altered spermatogenesis.

CNS effects also result in lower levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormones (LH), which have deleterious effects on the cells in the male reproductive tract.

In addition at the Baby Joy center for IVF treatment, we also have noticed that the coronavirus infection is extremely distressing and has been detrimental to patients’ mental health, resulting in elevated cortisol and prolactin levels, which are associated with decreased sperm volume, count, and motility.

Things Suggested By The Best IVF Center Fertility Specialists Men Must Know During Covid to Stay Fertile

The degree to which Covid can impair male fertility remains uncertain. There is no indication that males experience long-term fertility issues after the recovery, but it may have a relatively brief impact on sperm quality. It is all determined by different elements such as the individual’s immunity, bodyweight concerns, lifestyle, and other health problems. The severity of the ailment also affects sperm count. However, if you are also going through a similar situation, there is no need to lose heart; with help of the best IVF center in Gurgaon, you still can easily have a family you always have dreamt of.

If an individual’s infection is severe or even moderate, it may result in temporary sterility. Nevertheless, researchers are still trying to figure out if there’s any long-term impact. According to reports, the Covid virus is still present in the testes 6-7 weeks after individuals have recovered. It has also been discovered that 10-25% of males with Covid report testicular pain. According to studies, the majority of the individuals recovering from this lethal virus had a greater amount of white blood cells in their sperm, indicating that the sperm had been affected. 

Final Thoughts By The Best IVF Center in Gurgaon

We all are hoping that the pandemic will come to an end soon but it does not mean that we should stop living our lives. Currently, there is limited research looking at the effects of Covid-19 on male fertility. Therefore, it is not possible to draw definitive conclusions from these few studies at this time. However, preliminary research suggests that infection with Covid-19 has a significant impact on male fertility. So, take good care of your health and if you are not sure how to tackle this situation, contact us today! At Baby Joy IVF center in Gurgaon, you will receive the right counseling, care, and therapy for maximum health and wellness. 

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