5 Embryology Secrets for IVF Success by Best IVF Doctor in Delhi

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5 major embryology secrets shared by the best IVF doctors in Delhi can actually enhance your odds of getting pregnant with IVF treatment.

Undoubtedly, the journey of IVF can be emotionally strenuous, annoying, and costly for most couples. But if you succeed to find the best doctor for IVF treatment then you can expect a hassle-free journey ahead. Apart from these, there are few embryology secrets that can actually help you achieve a successful IVF treatment. Well, let’s uncover all those secrets here. 

  1. Selecting the best Motile Sperm

The growing focus on developing enhanced tools to more precisely identify and pick individual sperm allow us to guide and treat couples with greater confidence and efficacy. The best doctor for IVF focuses on selecting the best motile sperm using the in-demand techniques like Microfluidics & Physiological Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (PICSI).

These techniques are only preferred at the best IVF clinic and leads to a higher IVF success rate. When you are in hand of simply best IVF experts you should be ready to have a worry-free IVF treatment ahead. So, your prime focus must be choosing a right clinic for the treatment and let the rest handled by specialized doctor for IVF at the clinic.

2. Choosing the right technique

The technique followed by your IVF treatment doctor matters a lot for a higher success rate. Here are few techniques that are considered the best when you talk about the IVF treatment.

Laser-assisted hatching enhances the odds of shooting a healthy embryo as it alleviates the hatching of the embryo simply by breaking open the zona pellucid.

Blastocyst culture: Selecting a blastocyst transfer can improve your shot at IVF success greatly, provided you are in touch with the IVF doctors. A 5-day old embryo brings a higher chance of implantation as compared to conventional 2 or 3-day old embryo.

IVF is no more mysterious to people as the IVF specialists openly talks about its pros, techniques involved, success rate, costs etc. All you need to research well before you choose IVF treatment in your case. Don’t hesitate talking to your doctor with your concerns. They are willing to help you in every possible way but only at a right clinic.

3. IVF Laboratories

One of the most unnoticed and yet a crucial aspect of selecting an IVF centre is the quality of the assisted reproductive technology (ART) laboratory. Your clinic may own an in-house lab or they may outsource this part from a larger hospital laboratory, however in both the cases, they are liable to share every possible detail about their laboratory. In our case, we have our in-house well-equipped lab and this gives an added level of confidence to serve you even better.

Because the lab plays an immense role, you shouldn’t ignore the quality of laboratory before selecting an IVF clinic for your treatment. Get yourself involved and try to clarify all your concerns with the doctor for IVF. Clinics who are not open to talk about their laboratories means they are hiding something from you.

4. Use of the Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Software

Gone are the days when clinicians and embryologists used to face trouble while selecting the best embryo to transfer. Today, the use of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence software made it easier to select a blastocyst having the best potential and odds for implantation.

We don’t want to commit a single mistake when it comes to a successful IVF treatment in your case. This is why we are open to our secrets so that we can serve you in the best possible way. You are free to discuss your concern with us- we always feel happy to assist you.

5. Personalized IVF Treatment Cycle

Personalized IVF treatment cycle is offered at the best IVF clinic just to achieve higher success rate. When you know what’s coming next, you’ll be more comfortable. Therefore, there are only few clinics like us who adjust the treatment module and cycle based on a couple’s individual needs. For example, we prefer a day 4 Vitrification with early Blast transfer against the conventional day 2 or day 3 transfers. Vitrification is a renowned technology that is adopted inthe embryo and egg freezing process so that the same will be stored for a later use.

We make couple understands the step-by-step breakdown of treatments involved in their case along with the associated costs, risks and what in case their IVF treatment cycle fails.

So, I have shared here few embryology secrets discussed by the best IVF doctors in Delhi you must not ignore if you are expecting that the IVF treatment works in your case.

Call the best IVF doctor in Delhi on 88-0000-1978 or visit www.babyjoyivf.com and make an appointment to know more about IVF treatment in Delhi.

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