Infertility has been a widespread problem throughout the world. Its incidences have increased multifold. Infertility is a condition where the couple suffers from the inability to conceive even after two years of marriage, despite unhindered sex. One such case is of Suraj and Medha. “I have completed 4 year of my married life and stepping into 5th year. For the last 2 year we were trying hard for conceiving a baby but no luck. My wife had block in her tube. So as per the doctor’s suggestion, we went for IVF and now I am happy father of a bright baby boy. The causes of infertility can be age, late marriage, stressful lifestyle, overweight, blocked, poor sperm quality and poor quality of eggs. In such cases, In Vitro Fertilization(IVF) as known as test tube baby comes to the rescue. In IVF the eggs the egg of the female partner is fertilized by the semen of the male partner in a test tube outside the body . That is whyit is called In Vitro (outside) fertilization or the test tube baby.

The following are the problems in which IVF is extremely helpful:

Idiopathic Infertility: It refer to those couple who have no problem but cannot conceive.
Tubal Blockage: Fallopian tube blockage obstruct the passage of the egg to get fertilized by the sperm.
Poor Semen Quality: Low sperm coutmotility is a major reason for infertility in men.
Poor egg quality: Women with poor egg quality can opt for an egg donor.

Poor uterine health: Women with poor uterine health can hire a surrogate mother to carry a baby.
As a part of IVF, the semen sample is washed and prepared in a way that sperm quality is enhanced.
However in the cases where the sperm count is extremely low then the ICSI technique can be used and is available at all the good centres.

With this technique the single good sperm is detected and further used for fertilization.Prakash and Seema faced this problem when they were constantly failing to conceive a baby. Parakash had low sperm count. The doctor suggested them to go for IVF, thus the best quality sperm was selected and injected into the egg with ICSI technique and now they are proud parents of six month old baby girl.

Since IVF is a big decision on its own, all good fertility clinics are obliged to offer detailed information of the procedure and counselling for the couples opting for IVF.

Another major decision that needs to be taken with precaution is the selection of the IVF clinic. One must make it a point to thoroughly check the fertility clinics, verify their registration and check their success rate. All in all, a patient must go to the best possible registered fertility clinic for an IVF treatment where customized personal care is provided with warmth and compassion. Transparency and honesty of the fertility clinic is also an equal concern. One must also check ICMR registration of the clinic. With everyday development in science and technology IVF has become increasingly hassle-and easy to opt procedure for childless couples.

Additionally, by doing slight changes in your lifestyle, one can create a perfect mental and physical equilibrium for the body to undergo an IVF process. The chances of success in IVF also increase manifold with better lifestyle pattern like weight loss, yoga, healthy life. And above all staying positive, believing in the almighty and hoping for a positive outcome.