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Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is a kind of treatment that has to do with carrying out a check on the genes or chromosomes of one’s embryos for a specific genetic condition before it is eventually transplanted into the uterus of a patient. In short, this process is carried out to help identify and ascertain the presence of genetic defects within a person’s embryo.

A person is recommended for the PGD clinics when there is a family history of genetic disorder, a child owned by the couple has been diagnosed with some genetic abnormality, or a woman has had to terminate pregnancies as a result of baby’s abnormal genetic make-up.

An important thing that IVF PGD and In Vitro Fertilization Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (IVF PGS) help to achieve is to make sure that there are healthier and more successful pregnancies, by watching out for genetic defects in embryos. Also, the process of carrying out an IVF PGD test is to ensure that any discovered genetic diseases or disorders are prevented from being passed onto a child.

Having determined the accurate number of chromosomes created through IVF using IVF PGS, an IVF chromosome analysis is carried out using, at least, one or more cells taken from the embryo.

PGS success rates is worth noting because it has been used to help identify chromosomally normal embryos that can help reduce the chances of IVF failure or what may lead to early miscarriage. More so, PGD success rates have been recorded as having the capacity to test more than a 100 different genetic conditions, the result of which can empower couples to decide whether they would still continue with a pregnancy or not, among others.

In determining Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis cost, most time, it is by the number of embryos to be subjected to PGD IVF. Ordinarily, each PGS cost and/or PGD cost is between $2,000 and $7,000. But it should be noted that each PGD clinic determines their PGS cost and PGD cost. While some PGD clinics may give a discount based on the number of embryos to be screened, others may give their PGD cost and PGS cost at a fixed price. Whatever the case may be, conducting a PGD IVF or IVF PGS is always worth it.

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Only applicable after clinical evaluation of both partners with respect to:

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  • Egg Reserve
  • Uterine Status
  • Past IVF Attempts
  • Hormonal Status etc

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Did You Know These Facts About IVF-PGS Centres ?
  • 2 out of 3 IVF Centers are ill-staffed and ill equipped, there by spoiling you Chances of Success.
  • More than half of all IVF clinics indulge in clinically poor & unethical practices

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  • Almost All childless couples are told false success rate figures by the IVF Centres. These figures are wrong & highly inflated.
  • 75% childless couples can’t decide where to go as they do not know what to look for in an IVF Centre or IVF Doctor
  • 65% couples do not understand what treatment is best for them due to complicated Packages & Poor Counselling at Fertility Clinics
  • 2/3rd of all childless couples are made to do unnecessary, Expensive Tests and charged High Hidden Cost that are not explained initially by IVF Centres
  • 85% of childless couples are not explained the reasons for failure & future course of treatment for success by Test Tube Baby Centres

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