Overview and HR Policies

Baby Joy IVF & Fertility Centre

At “Baby Joy”, it is our Mission to provide Highly Advanced yet Affordable Fertility & IVF care with Compassion, Accountability, Transparency (CAT).

At Baby Joy, It is our endeavor to achieve the benchmark of Triple ‘A’ (Advanced, Affordable and Accountable).

We achieve these by following the ethos of CAP (Corporate Policy, Attitude, Performance).

“Baby Joy” is an equal opportunity employer. We are an organization that is “Propelled by Innovation and Focus… Driven by values”.The entire team of Baby Joy IVF Center comprises of a young team of ambitions & dynamic go getters. We run on the ethos that “Manpower is the most important sustainable asset of an organization.”

We put special focus on Training & Growth of each of our employees through our value driven HR policies. We believe in maximizing the potential & output of each one of our team members through Extensive & Innovative Training Techniques.

One of our primary visions is to contribute to the socio- economic growth of each of our team members. As far as manpower selection is concerned, we strongly believe in the tag line,“It is the Attitude not the Aptitude that determines one’s Altitude.”

Unlike other health care organizations, Baby Joy believes in a shallow hierarchy so that each individual can be focused, appraised & provided better opportunity.

Besides providing a remuneration which competes with the best in the industry, we are known for offering “Individual Performance Based Growth Plans” as part of our Employee Growth Sharing Scheme.

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