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Zahid (2 Months)-Born at Baby Joy With his Proud Parents Kazima & Abdel Muti

Babies From 5 Continents and 14 Countries
510 Babies in 2016-17 ; 61 Year Old Couple +ve
9 Babies per Week; >1 Baby Everyday
Every 2 out of 3 Couples Positive ( 62 % Success Rate)
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5 Facts & Reasons for India to be The First Choice For IVF Treatment

  • USA & UK have been the largest source of Infertility couples travelling to India
  • 3 fold increase in influx of patients seeking fertility treatment especially from Africa, Bangladesh, Afganistan & CIS countries
  • The cost of IVF treatment in India is 1/4th the cost internationally. Easy & affordable availability of accessory services like language interpreters , egg donors , food , currency etc. makes India preferable choice
  • India offers cutting edge technology , highly advanced Fertility/ IVF infrastructure, highly experienced & trained medical professionals delivering excellent success rates.
  • Low operating cost, high resources, rich cultural heritage and highly qualified English speaking manpower also makes India a global destination
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7 Most Imp FAQs while Planning Fertility/ IVF treatment abroad ( India )

  • Which county has the best of fertility services at low cost ?
  • Which will be the best equipped clinic to handle my Infertility case ?
  • Which fertility clinic has infrastructure and skilled personnel to cater foreign clients
  • What is the IVF success rate of the clinic I am opting for ?
  • What is the overall cost incurred for a couple , Visa requirement , accommodation, travel & related logistics ?
  • Would I be required to pay anything on my arrival to the Baby Joy IVF Centre?
  • When is the right time to travel for Fertility/Infertility Treatment ?
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Did You Know These Facts About
Fertility/Test Tube Baby Centres ?

  • 2 out of 3 IVF Centers are ill-staffed and ill equipped thereby spoiling you Chances of Success.
  • More than half of all IVF clinics indulge in clinically poor & unethical practices
  • 37% of Fertility Clinics overlook essential equipments which are must for maintaining aseptic environment.
  • 45% of IVF clinics impose on patients unnecessary expensive tests & fertility procedure like ICSI.
  • 69% of clinics do not have In-house Doctors / technicians who could plan and monitor the entire case with utmost care and concern.
  • In 53% of cases, the patients are not briefed properly on the procedure they are undergoing and are always kept in the dark.
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5 Most Common Problems Faced by You at Fertility/Infertility Centre in Delhi India !

  • Almost All childless couples are told false success rate figures by the IVF Centres. These figures are wrong & highly inflated.
  • 75% childless couples can’t decide where to go as they do not know what to look for in an IVF Centre or IVF Doctor
  • 65% couples do not understand what treatment is best for them due to complicated Packages & Poor Counselling at Fertility Clinics
  • 2/3rd of all childless couples are made to do unnecessary, Expensive Tests and charged High Hidden Cost that are not explained initially
  • 85% of childless couples are not explained the reasons for failure & future course of treatment for success by Test Tube Baby Centres
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7 Facts Why Baby Joy Fertility Center is Your Best Chance to Experience “Joy of Baby” !

  • 1 in every 2 ccouples is positive at Baby Joy IVF Centre in the first attempt
  • In 2016 itself 310 babies born from 5 continents & 14 countries world wide
  • High IVF Success Rate: 6 Babies born every week; Almost 1 baby born every day
  • Highly affordable IVF treatment. No Hidden IVF Cost
  • 60 year old couple blessed with a baby recently & many other amazing stories
  • High IVF Success Rates even in previously failed Cases
  • Highly skilled team of UK trained IVF Doctors, Embryologists & Counsellors
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Fertility/ Infertility Specialist & Doctors

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11 Facts that’ll make Big difference in your Fertility/Infertility Treatment

Treatment of any type of Male Infertility… Possible !

  • Male partner is responsible for infertility in 47% cases.
  • In 93% cases-Semen Analysis & Culture give an idea about cause of Male fertility.
  • Sperms were successfully retrieved & ICSI performed in 77% of TESA/biopsy.
  • 47% fertilization failure by ICSI occurs due to lack of technical skills by the embryologist. fertilization rate with ICSI is > 80% in Baby Joy
  • Sperm DNA Fragmentation Assay facilitate in identifying the cause of fertilization failure
  • 17% cases frozen semen aids as solution for lack of sperm production on the day of procedure
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Any kind of Female Infertility is treatable !!

  • By just giving ovulation induction, conception achieved in 21% of PCOD cases (Polycystic Ovarian Disease).
  • Diagnostics and Operative Laparo-Hysteroscopy helps in identifying as well as rectifying the hindrances in 81% of female infertility cases.
  • Conception with IUI is 65-67% in first 2- 3 attempts but the figures decline to just 9-11% after third attempt
  • Pregnancy rates with Frozen Embryos (53 %) is much better than fresh embryo transfers (41%)
  • Donor egg/ Surrogacy program facilitate in experiencing Motherhood in 47% infertile couple
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Baby Joy Ivf Centre Rajouri Garden
IVF/Infertility Succes Rate: Testimonials

Hi, We are from Muscat. we took infertility treatment in Oman, but did not get any positive result.After coming to to Delhi, India, we got IUI done from Apollo Hospital, but did not get any positive result from there too.After that we came to know about “Baby Joy IVF”. I talked to their Fertility Counsellor- Mrs Reena. I was explained by her in a very positive way which forced me to come here immediately. After meeting with the Doctor, we got very much satisfied and impressed. Then we started our IVF treatment and got positive result in the very first attempt. We are really very happy and want to thank Baby Joy for giving us a “Priceless Gift”!

Dana & Faisal – Barka (Oman)

Hi Everyone,
we had lost all hopes until we were recommended Baby Joy IVF (thanks to Dr. Anshu) & then we met all of you, who supported us & made us believe that all is not lost yet. Mr. Vivek & their team (Specially Inder) had been our pillars of strength all this while. We had earlier failed in our first attempt at MAX HOSPITAL. Doing second attempt at Baby Joy Fertility & IVF Centre made us quite hopeful this time as we had met many other couples who had got success here. And as expected we got the results as well this time.
Baby Joy name itself says it all. We love you & will cherish all that we have got from you.

Justin & Fathima – Ibri (Oman)

IVF/Infertility Success Rates: Success Stories
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