“Advance yet Affordable” makes Baby Joy a big brand today. Says Mr VivekKohli Director Baby Joy FERTILITY & WOMANCARE CENTRE in the role of interaction with Dwarka helpline News Paper. Expert;-

Our primary Endeavour is to provide highly advanced, world class IVF care at highly affordable cost. Today on one hand, Baby Joy meets international standards, through its global practices, and on the other, through highly economical treatment costs it aims to make it possible for a common to achieve the benefits of this technology.

This concept of “Advanced yet Affordable” makes Baby Joy a big brand today.

1. What triggered your interest in baby joy fertility& women care centre?
I have an extensive experience of 20 years in the field of Fertility. I have always been intrigued by this segment of healthcare, seeing the scope of growth that it has in India & the happiness it can bring to numerous childless couples. However Baby Joy has highly accomplished team of doctors, fertility experts & support staff.

2. Is your clinic fully equipped to take care of all the medical tests/examinations/surgeries of your patient?
Baby Joy is a world class IVF Centre. It provides 360 degree fertility solutions under 1 roof. We are completely equipped to handle all situations that might arise during the Fertility/ IVF treatment.
We intend to provide services of international standards to our patients. Besides a state of the art IVF lab, we have an advanced OT, recovery room, in house pathology, in house pharmacy, etc. We also carry out yoga, physiotherapy & meditational programmes for our patients. We are a comprehensive fertility centre.

3. What are your future plans for providing any additional services in near or not-so-near future?
We intend to make Baby Joy a brand that can reach out to childless couples span over India, We have an immediate plan to set up satellite centres across Delhi/NCR. We also intend to set up more centre’s in Northern India over a short span of time.

4. How soon after IVF can a pregnancy test be performed?
A Pregnancy test can be performed from 12-14 days after IVF

5. How long of a wait is recommended between a failed IVF cycle and trying Again?
We normally ask a patient to wait for at least 3 months before going for a repeat IVF Cycle. How ever, this period can substantially vary. According to each patient.

6. How would you explain IVF to a layman and what all is involved in it?
IVF or In vitro fertilization is a simple technique for childless couple to help them have a baby. In vitro means outside the body.Therefore , in IVF the semen is taken from the husband & the eggs, are taken out from the ovaries of the wife & both are fertilized outside the human body under controlled/simulated conditions. The fertilized egg, called the embryo is the transferred into the wife again. From here onwards, if the wife conceives, she carries on the pregnancy like a normal lady.

7. Please throw some light on baby joy fertility & women care centre specialities?
We are a comprehensive fertility centre. We focusonly in fertility & IVF treatments.

8. What is you USP?
Our USP is “Advanced yet Affordable IVF Care” It is our endeavour to achieve the benchmark of AAA:
Accountable `
It is our endeavour to bring warmth & compassion to IVF treatment, with honesty & transparency

9. What is good patient care?
Good patient care in IVF treatment is when the couple, which is already distressed, is dealt with warmth & compassion. Moreover, the patient should be given extensive individual counselling, preferably , free of cost. The patient’s time should be respected. The couple should beinformed about every little progress in the treatment. The patient should be educated about aspects like distressing, meditation, weight loss, etc. Moreover, the patient care with regards to pre & post treatment (recovery) aspects should meet international standards

10. There something we can do to improve our chances of success?
Yes, the chances of success can be increased by various positive lifestyle changes like weight loss, healthy life, meditation, yoga, taking all due precautions as explained by the doctor, showing patience, education oneself about the entire procedure & above all thinking positive & believing in the almighty destiny for a favourable outcome.

11. Does IVF significantly increase the chances of twins of triplets?
This is the case where a large no. of embryos are transferred in a single attempt. However, by following international guidelines& adopting global practice, the incidences of the same can be substantially reduced.

12. Do we have to be extra careful after transfer of the embryo to ensure its implantation?
Yes, it is important to rest for a few days after the embryos are transferred & not do anything that is strenuous for the human body, both physically & emotionally.

13. Is IVF hard to go through?
IVF is a very simple & painless procedure. However, selection of the right centre & medical team is important to ensure this. Moreover, right counselling & patient care can further make the process simple & easy.

14. Is it a sensible idea to freeze embryos for use of a later Date?
Yes, this is a common practice & is quite relevant in case of failed cycle or future need.

15. Do children born as a result of IVF have more abnormalities than children born following natural fertilization?
IVF has been existing now for decades. Children born out of IVF are as normal as any other child. In fact children born through IVF have grown to become normal adults with normal lives & have accomplished as much as any normal child. Extensive data has unequivocally proven that there is no difference between children born out of IVF or born normally.

16. What is your vision for your clinic for the next 5 to 10 years from now?
We would like to expand throughout the country & help childless couple across the country. Our primary objective is to bring highly advanced, yet affordable care to the masses.

17. Any message for our mammoth & even large & growing readership of Dwarka Helpline News Paper?
Lead a healthy life & think positive. Make your best effort to spread knowledge about fertility care to all your friends relatives who are going through rough phase, not knowing that they have a simple solution at hand. We would like to touch your lives by helping you create life. Spread happiness around.