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Why Baby Joy Surrogacy Centre

Why Baby Joy Surrogacy Centre:

  • We carry out comprehensive surrogacy solutions, both in India (New Delhi)
  • We have developed PSPs– Pioneering Surrogacy Protocols through our CRM software to standardize & optimize the entire process
  • We offer multiple attempts till the time pregnancy is achieved
  • We have developed the packages in a way that the IPs do not have to spend substantial amount till the surrogate has conceived. Even after that, the instalments are taken upon successful achievement of important landmarks
  • In case of failure, we do not charge the preceding instalments again
  • We have developed SOPs (Standard operating procedures) for Surrogate Management
  • We have a 3-Tier System to communicate between the IPs, doctor & surrogate
  • We keep all our surrogates in our own surrogate homes under our direct supervision with regards to stay, food, nutrition, medicines & to handle any unforeseen situations
  • We carry out deliveries at our state of the art facilities that are fully equipped to impart high quality ante-natal & post-natal care
  • We have a special International Desk to assist our clients from abroad
  • We have served IPs from across the globe
  • We have an extensive experience of more than 4 years & hundreds of babies, in handling various challenges that might arise out of Surrogacy
  • Our legal team is adept at stringently working as per ICMR guidelines & MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs ) notifications
  • We accompany you in your journey till the very end of getting the Exit Visa granted
  • We have an impeccable record of sending back each & every baby to their respective country
  • We have tie-ups for better local co-ordination across the world – USA, Canada, UK, Australia
  • We have a large database of potential, healthy & screened surrogates
  • We have a large database of egg donors of all origins & races – Indians, Caucasians, African & oriental
  • We carry out egg donor & surrogate management in-house, thereby completely circumventing the role of any touts/ middlemen who can not only cheat/ misguide/ overcharge customers but can also lead them into legal hassles & high failure rates.
  • We are metro connected
  • We are centrally located in Delhi & close to the embassy area, FFRO & ICMR


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