Selecting the Right Surrogate

As we do not like to compromise on Quality, Baby Joy applies a stringent selection process to select the right Surrogate Mother for your baby from a large pool of women.

Surrogate Screening Process :
  • Background Check & Documentation: The Surrogate Mothers have to undergo a detailed background check and also need to submit documentation in relation to their name, proof of residence, date of birth, spousal details, bank details, no. of children etc.
  • Medical Screening: At Baby Joy, all the SMs are provided with proper counselling explaining all the complications which can arise out of a pregnancy. They are given extensive medical counselling through our team of fertility coaches and undergo various medical tests like ECG, Chest X-Ray, Hormone profiling, pelvic condition etc.
  • Legal Counselling: A lawyer is present to make the SM and her husband understand all the nuances of the Surrogacy Contract in a language they are most comfortable in. For their easy understanding, the agreement is signed in their preferred language i.e. English or Hindi.
  • Terms of Payment: All financial aspects are explained in details to the SM and her husband. Surrogate’s bank account is opened by Baby Joy and payments are deposited as per the achievement of each landmark of the Surrogacy process. All payments are made directly to the Surrogate in her name.
  • Psychological Screening : Extensive psychological screening is done to establish that the SM is psychologically and mentally fit to carry out the entire process till the handing over of the Baby.

To “Get Low Cost Surrogate Mother”

Qualifying Criteria’s :
  • The SM should be psychologically fit and medically healthy.
  • She should be preferably between the age of 22 and 32yrs of age.
  • She should have a proven fertility history.
  • She should have at least one but not more than two children of her own without any serious complications in her previous pregnancies.
  • Her last pregnancy should be at least 1.5 to 2 years ago.
  • Her husband and family should be supportive of her decision to become an SM.
  • The Surrogate should not have any habits which are detrimental to pregnancy like Smoking, Drinking, chewing Tobacco etc.
  • She should be fully convinced about relinquishing her rights over the baby once its born and should not form any emotional connect with the Baby.
  • At Baby Joy we do not repeat a Surrogate.