As per our mission to provide surrogacy services with Compassion, Accountability & Transparency, we at Babyjoy always maintained high standards of professionalism w.r.t legal documentation, contracts and paperwork related to all concerned authorities.

Following are the step wise documentation required to understand and complete the legal requirements for hassle free completion of surrogacy process & exit formalities

Part 1 : Legal Details – IP

Intending Parents are required to provide necessary details along with documentation proof so as to prepare a draft agreement which will be then sent to you for your perusal & compliance-IP Legal Detail Form.

Part 2 : BJ – IP Agreement

After the successful enrollment, we shall sign an agreement between IP and the company to clarify roles, obligations & limitations of both IP & corporate and thrust upon our confidence to sail your successfully through this important surrogacy journey in India. –Click here

Part 3 : SM – IP Contract

Our legal team then prepares a customized agreement between SM & IP depending upon your respective country’s legal status & requirements and if possible after mutual discussion with your lawyer. The copy of the same will be provided to you only after successful enrollment.  –Click here

After the proper selection of your surrogate , the final draft of the agreement will be sent to you for proper compliance & spell check. This will be an important step as no further editions would be possible retrospectively and this agreement will be required during important phases of Delivery, Hospital Discharge, Citizenship (Consulate) & Exit Visa (FRRO).

Part 4 : Agreement Between IP – ED

According to Guidelines & Notifications , ART clinics or banks are not allowed to reveal any personal details of Egg donors to IP’s and it should be done in an anonymous manner. Therefore , no agreement can be signed between IP’s & ED. Only the consent form from ED will be signed by ART Clinic. At Babyjoy, we don’t entertain any of such concerns and requirements

Part 5 : Declaration By Nominee

As per MHA notification , the IP’s are required to send “Declaration by Nominee” to two of their nominees which will affirm that the nominees will take complete responsibility to fulfill commitments on IP’s behalf in case of IP’s inability to perform their duties as per contractual agreement due to any reasons.Click here

Part 6 : IVF Consent Forms

To comply with the requirements of an ART Clinic , following consent forms needed to be signed by the IP’s, ED & SM before the onset of IVF procedure at Babyjoy.

Part 7 : Registration with FRRO

Following is the list of documents required to be submitted during various steps of the surrogacy programme i.e. enrollment with BJ, during your visit to India or at the time of FRRO registration, DNA testing & citizenship at Consulate and obtaining exit visa from FRRO.