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Surrogacy Consultant Delhi India

To help you understand the complete enrollment process at a glance, Please go through the flow Process chart –

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As per the eligibility requirement, the intended parents have to undergo certain medical investigations while filling out the enrollment form. Later on these medical reports along with the completed forms can be emailed to us. Please ensure that you have checked the eligibility criteria for undergoing Surrogacy in India and also with us. You can  download the from here – Enrollment Form

To ensure that the child born from Surrogacy is infection free, both the SM and the Intended parents are requested to undergo a set of medical tests. Details of these tests are attached in the file – List of Investigations

Certain documentary requirements need to be met during the enrollment process for example photographs, photocopy of your passports, documents confirming proof of your residence, citizenship etc. The list is attached below. These are also required for your FRRO registration process – Documents for Enrollment

It usually takes about a week’s time before Intended parents can choose a Surrogate after enrolling with Baby Joy. It takes about a 4-6 weeks minimum to match your cycle with the SM, depending on the Intended Mother’s monthly cycle. Therefore, 4-6 weeks is the average time frame you should keep in mind when selecting the Surrogate Mother.

Indian Egg Donor : Basis the assumption that the egg donor and Surrogate Mother are available for the Intended parents, it takes a minimum of 3-4 weeks to finalise the Indian Egg Donor, match it with the Surrogate mother and start the actual cycle. A donor can only be available for finalisation after a minimum gap of 3 months from her last donation.

Caucasian Egg Donor : In the case of a Caucasian Egg Donor, the donor has to undergo medical investigations, get ready for the cycle, get their visa/passport preparations in place before arriving in India. Therefore the entire process would require slightly longer time.

Keeping in mind the above, it is preferred that the Intended Parents select the SM after final selection of C-ED.

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