Delivery, Citizenship & Exit Visa

Delivery & Exit Process

After eagerness and desperation of 9 months, something beautiful will be happening in your life which you might want to celebrate in your home but may get delayed by the daunting task of documentation and issue of passport and visa. This is a formal procedure which allows everyone to go abroad.

Usually the citizenship is inherited from the parents to the children after their birth. But for going to your own country, you need to apply for passport and visa which generally takes 3-4 weeks for exit process to complete but can extend up to maximum for 3 months in some cases depending upon variable laws in different countries.

If you are one of our registered members, then we can guide you in step by step manner which will enable you to complete the process quite comfortably.

DNA Testing, Citizenship & Passport Application

As per the requirement of your specific country, the DNA testing or other such evaluations were carried out before issuing citizenship & finally passport. You must be awared about the complete documents needed for the process . you are also required to personally visit & maintain active touch with the consulate till you receive your baby passport.


Since the baby is born in India but never entered India or got Indian citizenship, therefore baby needs special exit visa to leave country . This exit visa will be Issued by Office of FRRO only after proper scrutinization of documents.