Cycle Types

The various options and cycles available with BabyJoy are explained in the following chart. You can choose to undergo self cycle/Donor cycle or want to transfer the fresh or frozen embryos into surrogate or self . However , the final decision will depends upon your clinical condition and final judgement of the clinician

Month of Cycle

At BJ, the Intended Parents have the liberality of choosing the month for the cycle.

Choosing the Egg Donor

In egg donor cycle, the entire process of selection an egg donor till the Ovum pick up will usually take more than 02-03 months, therefore its required to select the egg donor on priority & keep doing other administrative work alongside.

Medical Visa (OCI / PIO)

Medical Visa is one of the important aspects of this process. We will help you with the entire documentation procedure, so that you get the visa at the earliest. However, in case both of you are OCI/PIO, it is not mandatory to have a medical visa.

Selection of Surrogate Mother

Once the cycle month and medical visa is finalised, you should start selecting a surrogate mother from our online database And the ideal time for this will be 06-08 weeks before the cycle date and after receiving the visa.

Proper Synchronization of the SM and IM/ED

There should be proper synchronization of the intended mother (IM) / Egg Donor (ED) and the Surrogate mother (SM) using several measures, one of which is Birth control pills. The SM and IM/ED are given particular dates of initiating and stoppage of birth control pills for synchronization. Demo Stimulation Chart

Dates Finalization

Only after all the above mentioned procedures are completed; acquiring medical visa, selecting donor and surrogate; the cycle dates will be re-confirmed from you. And then you can make your Air tickets & Hotel bookings and fly to India.

Visit to BabyJoy ,India , and Stimulation Points in Brief

For Intended Mother: A hormonal treatment (Inj. Gonadotropin) will be initiated on you in order to stimulate the ovaries. This will take place for around 11-13 days under strict medical supervision. In other case, you can also start this treatment at your home country, if you have the facility of getting the same medications there itself; however you need to be here latest by the 6th day of the stimulation. While in the former case, your stay in India will be around 18 days, in the latter case, it will be minimized to 08-10 days. You are required to be in India on the very first day of your menstrual cycle.

For Egg Donor: ED are required to be in the country on 6th day of stimulation OR atleast 03-04 days before egg aspiration. For egg donor cycle, it is required that both the partners travel together on medical visa.

First Visit at BabyJoy

  • We would schedule your first visit at BJ as per your convenience.
  • Here’s the list of documents you need to carry. Click here.
  • You may be required to repeat few medical tests in India as well, for the Hospital’s / Clinician requirements.

Collection of Semen

  • Two semen samples will be required; first will be taken 03-04 days before egg pick up, for backup, the second one will be taken on the day of egg pickup. Though fresh sample will be used for fertilization, however if the intended father gets nervous and is unable to produce semen, the back up semen is used. It is to be noted that there should preferably be 02-04 days abstinence before any semen donation.
  • In case, you ( Male Partner) will not be present during fresh egg pick up, you may leave two semen samples, both of which will be frozen.

Meeting the Surrogate and the Agreement Day

  • The legal contract between the surrogate and the intended parents is to be signed in the Office. You will also get to meet the Surrogate Mother and her husband during agreement signing. The lawyer will be present and the agreement will be signed in presence of both the parties You can get a camera and take snaps together with the surrogate.

Overview of the Egg Pick up Day

  • As per your trigger time, Intended mother / ED is required to be admitted (accompanied by husband or co-ordinator ) in the clinic two hours before the scheduled Egg Pick time We will let you know the status of the follicle and the egg at that time. Please bring all your medical reports file photo-copy of visa and photo page of passport at the time of admission.
  • Note : please follow pre OPU instructions before coming for the procedure

Post Egg Pickup Precautions

Post egg pick up it is essentially required to maintain adequate water balance. You need to drink plenty of water, about 4-5 litres in a day. You are required to take complete rest for a day or two and complete abstinence from alcoholic drinks and extensive travelling.

  • Please take all your medications properly on time as per doctor’s instructions.
  • In case of any discomfort, please call the doctor/ our manager immediately.

Precautions during the flight

After all these procedures are done, you are all set to fly back to your native place. However if you have undergone self egg pickup, it is very important to take care of yourself.

Fluid intake is a must and you should drink at least 04-05 litres of water everyday.

In order to increase blood flow in the legs, you need to walk around in every 30 mins while in the flight. In addition to this wear long stockings and press your feet against the floor to help blood flow.

Once the cycle dates and the surrogate mother is finalised the protocol of stimulation drugs will be provided to you. The dosage and the drug type will depend on the age and hormonal levels (FSH,LH and AMH) levels of the intended parents. A demo stimulation Chart for quick reference & simulation.