Embryo Transfer & Antenatal Care Plan

POST Embryo Transfer

Generally, the surrogate mothers are advised to be extra cautious & properly monitored for medicinal followup & nutrition during this sensitive period. After 14 days, blood Beta HCG levels suggest pregnancy which will be finally confirmed after another 15 days through heart beat scan Ultrasonographically.

Antenatal Schedule

Our clinic coordinators follows the below mentioned antenatal schedule religiously so as to avoid any complications


Delivery is always made in contact with the parents to that they would not miss the beautiful moment of their life. Deliver of the surrogates is planned at our empanelled delivering hospital.


Surrogate Mother is already Counseled well in advance to psychologically accepts child handling process. The baby is handed over to Ip’s immediately after delivery. Care taker is always a special person to accompany the SM during her stay in the hospital . SM stays for 4-6 weeks post delivery at our Surrogate homes where she ll be properly taken care w.r.t. her nutrition, hygiene, post natal care & medication.