Overview of the Surrogacy Process

Eligibility check for the Intended Parents :

For checking the eligibility criteria for intended parents in India, essential documents like their medical reports, citizenship status etc. are required. Once the required documents have been checked, they get subsequently enrolled to undergo surrogacy in India. Further details given under enrollment steps

Counselling provided for various Treatment options :

To help the intending parents deal better with various stages of the treatment and to answer all their queries, counselling is also provided for different programs (Self / Surrogate / Donor) and different treatment options (IVF – ICSI /Frozen embryo transfer / Blastocyst culture). Further details given under Cycle Types.

Finding the correct Match : Surrogate to Intended Parent’s profile

Keeping the comfort factor in mind for Intended Parents, they have full choice in viewing, choosing and selecting their choice of Surrogate, in our program from the array of profiles available to them online. Visit Surrogate Profiles Demo for more details.

Bonding between surrogate and intended parents :

To introduce and to create a unique and comfortable bonding between the Surrogate and Intended parents, various methods of communication like skype, personal meet, emails etc are used.

Transparent Financial Transactions :

All Financial transactions between the intended parents, Surrogate and us are kept fully transparent and smooth at all times. All the payments are done via online transfers and/or through crossed cheques to avoid any unnecessary hassles. Further details under section Financial aspects

Surrogacy Contract

The most important aspect in the process of Surrogacy is understanding and then acknowledging the Surrogacy contract before signing. The whole process consists of two agreements, one with the surrogate mother and another with the ART Bank (Baby Joy). More details under Contracts at Baby Joy.

Legal assistance :

We have a fully equipped legal team with core medicolegal expertise who will advise you on all the legal aspects of surrogacy.

Minimum Visits :

In today’s world with technology on our side, all information is shared online with you, before and during the complete surrogacy process. To save on costing, we aim to keep the number of visits to Delhi on the least and you only need to come twice – once during the cycle and the second time to take your baby home. More details given in the Concierge Section.

Regular Ante-natal Care (Pregnancy) Updates :

Throughout the 9 months of Pregnancy, we will be in constant touch with you giving you regular updates on the progress of the pregnancy and surrogate care. Please read Antenatal Care for more details.

The D-Day Co-ordination :

We will plan the delivery in such a way that we inform you in absence and you can be present in Delhi, close to the Delivery date to witness this miracle of life and make it your own. Please read Deliver, Exit Process.

DNA (Genetic) testing :

Most consulates have their self-appointed genetic laboratories back in their respective countries from where the parents can get the DNA test done once the baby is born. This list can be found on the website of each consulate. We too can assist you to get DNA test done through our associations.

Replacing new surrogate :

After a reasonable number of failed attempts, in case the Surrogate does not become pregnant, we will provide another replacement surrogate without any additional cost. In the event that a Surrogate is either not ready or not in tandem with you, we would have a backup surrogate ready so that your cycle does not get hampered in any way.

Logistics/Services Provided :

We endeavor to take care of all the needs of the Intended parents while on a visit to India to ensure that they have enjoyable and hassle free experience. This will include providing services like airport drop and pick up facility, English speaking good drivers, chaperone to take you to fertility clinic and also services of a guide to take you around town.