Surrogacy in Cambodia

Baby Joy offers Comprehensive Surrogacy Solutions in Cambodia. Cambodia is coming up as a potential country for medical tourism, specially in the field of Fertility & Surrogacy .It is convenient for us ( from India) to extend our surrogacy services in Cambodia because of its close proximity, liberal legislation, open borders and similar people, religion & language.

As per changed ICMR guidelines, ART clinics of India are restricted to provide surrogacy services to single parents & same sex couples. Moreover, surrogacy in India is temporarily banned for nationals of some countries like Australia. We strongly feel that the desire to have a child is a universal emotion & should not be treated with bias on the basis of ethnicity, geographical boundaries or sexual orientation. Thus, as a solution, we handle such cases through Cambodia. Baby Joy has handled many such cases of gays & singles successfully in the past, & endeavours to help LGBTs from all countries & heterosexuals from countries like Australia, who cannot carry out surrogacy in india, through our world class set-up in Cambodia.

Baby Joy is the Only Professionally run Centre in Cambodia, providing 360 Degree, Advanced Yet Affordable Surrogacy Solutions at 1 place. We provide comprehensive Surrogacy solutions i.e. Surrogate & Donor Management, IVF, Legal aspects, Delivery, Post natal care and finally, proper guidance & complete support till the very end of issue of Exit visa. All our surrogates stay in our own surrogate homes under our direct care & supervision.

At Baby Joy through our Pioneering Surrogacy Protocols, we have standardized the entire process & made it highly transparent & accountable. Our expertise, technology & global practices have led to further optimization of the process, thereby achieving significantly higher take home baby rates than the industry standards.

At Baby Joy, a highly dedicated and experienced team of professionals has successfully handled a large number of gestational surrogacy cases with a very high success rate, thereby bringing joy to numerous dejected couples from all over the world.

Eligibility & Legality in Cambodia

There is no proper legal framework for surrogacy in Cambodia. As per notification from the Ministry of Health (Cambodia), there are no restrictions for anyone to carry out surrogacy in Cambodia. However, all the three parties : the Biological Mother (surrogate), Genetic parents ( Egg/ Semen Donor ) and commissioning parents involved in the process should be foreign nationals. Thus, heterosexual married couples, gay couples, singles & LGBTs, all can carry out surrogacy in Cambodia.

Our Comprehensive Services in Cambodia

Surrogate Management: Baby Joy, through its Surrogate Management arm-WSC, has developed Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs) for screening, recruiting, monitoring, compensating & housing the surrogate mothers through a specialized Three Tier Co-ordinating System. We have a large database of healthy, pre-screened surrogate mothers.

Egg Donation: Baby Joy, through its ART Bank-Genome has a large database of egg donors of different ethnicities, to suit the specific needs of clients from around the world.

Frozen Embryos – We also deal with frozen embryos from across the world. Our team helps you to ship frozen embryos to Cambodia from your native country. Our state of the art IVF Lab is well equipped to store, thaw & transfer the frozen embryos through highly advanced lab & clinical techniques, thereby achieving high success rates with them, as in case of fresh transfers.

IVF & Ante-natal care : The Clinical process is done at the highly credible, state of the art IVF Centre of Cambodia. The Antenatal care of surrogate mother till delivery is also be provided by the highly experienced Gynecologists.

Delivery : The delivery & NICU services(if required ) is done at Grande International Hospital which provides ultra modern delivery facilities and NICU/ post natal care in Cambodia.

Exit process : Our dedicated team supports & assists all IPs in every aspect of the exit process i.e. names of IPs on Birth certificate , paper evaluation & approval ( DAO -District Administrative office) & Exit Visa ( Immigration office).

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Note :- you are required to pay net payment as per bill – all the bank charges / expenses will be borne by remitter