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Best Surrogacy Centre India

Baby Joy offers Comprehensive Surrogacy Solutions in India. Baby Joy is the Only Professionally run Surrogacy Centre in India providing 360 Degree, Advanced Yet Affordable Surrogacy Solutions under 1 Roof. We at Baby Joy are the front runners in taking the initiative to organize the surrogacy sector in India and make it medically, legally, socially & ethically accountable, through our Pioneering Surrogacy Protocols. We are the pioneers in making surrogacy in India free of touts & middlemen. We are today, one of the fastest growing Surrogacy centres in South-east Asia. However, the primary reason why you should go chose Baby Joy, is OUR EXPERIENCE ! We are experts at handling all the challenges that can arise throughout the process of Surrogacy. We accompany you, in your surrogacy journey till the very end, i.e. till the baby has been granted the exit visa. In the last 4 years, we have an impeccable track record of sending back each & every baby to their respective country successfully.

At Baby Joy through our Pioneering Surrogacy Protocols, we have standardized the entire process & made it highly transparent & accountable. Our expertise, technology & global practices have led to further optimization of the process, thereby achieving significantly higher take home baby rates than the industry standards.

At Baby Joy comprehensive surrogacy solutions are provided by its sister concern- WSC, which is the first and the only Indian multinational Surrogacy agency. To comply with the latest ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) guidelines, WSC, under its umbrella, further established its ART Bank-Genome, thereby making Baby Joy the First Professionally run Centre to handle all Surrogacy solutions under 1 roof.

At Baby Joy, a highly dedicated and experienced team of professionals has successfully handled a large number of gestational surrogacy cases with a very high success rate, thereby bringing joy to numerous dejected couples from all over the world. No wonder, in the last few years, Baby Joy has become the ‘International Centre of Choice’ for surrogacy by the couples from across the globe. Today, Baby Joy has a global presence as a Surrogacy centre through its world-wide network in Australia, Canada, UK, USA & Israel.

Baby Joy offers 360 degree Surrogacy solutions at 1 place, namely Surrogate Management, Egg donation, Legal aspects, IVF and finally, Delivery:

Surrogate Management– Baby Joy, through WSC has developed Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs) for screening, recruiting, monitoring, compensating & housing the surrogate mothers through a specialized Three Tier Co-ordinating System. We have a large database of healthy, pre-screened surrogate mothers. We house our surrogates in our own Surrogate homes where a dedicated team ensures their safety, security, nutrition & compliance with important medical norms.

Egg Donation– Baby Joy, through Genome ART Bank has a large database of Indian, Caucasian, African & oriental egg donors to suit the specific needs of clients from around the world.

Legal Aspects – Baby Joy has an in house team of Legal experts that is adept at catering to the specific legal requirements of clients from various countries across the globe. Our team is adept at carrying out the entire process as per latest latest ICMR guidelines, liaisoning with FRRO & embassy, & finally assisting with the Exit Visa

IVF – Baby Joy offers customized IVF packages with multiple IVF-ET attempts to ensure a phenomenal success rate of 85-90% & a high take home baby rate.

Delivery – Baby Joy takes special care that the delivery of the baby happens at our state of the art hospitals, fully equipped with NICU facilities & well aware about issue of birth certificates as per the requirements of the process.

This makes Baby Joy a truly comprehensive Surrogacy Centre that provides 360 surrogacy solutions under 1 roof.

Why Surrogacy in Delhi instead of other states in India ?

Delhi being the national capital offers significant advantages for surrogacy over other Indian cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Anand, Hyderabad etc.

  • Being the capital , Delhi boasts of best healthcare & civic infrastructure in country
  • Has all embassies/High commissions/consulates
  • Has FRRO & ICMR offices centrally located, thereby making the co-ordination easy
  • Boasts of a world class Metro-rail that interconnects the entire city & offers an easy mode of transportation
  • Much less congested with smooth traffic movement as compared to other metro cities.
  • Much cleaner & greener as compared to other cities.
  • Multidisciplinary cosmopolitan culture & low cost of living.
  • Various tourist destinations that symbolize modern development & rich cultural heritage.
  • Offers tour to the Golden Triangle- Delhi, Agra (Taj), Jaipur that is so famous amongst tourists.
  • Was allotted the Commonwealth games of 2010,the run up to which lead to significant, world – class infrastructural development in the city.
Why Surrogacy in India?

India, today is considered as the hub for surrogacy.

Treatment in India = Treatment in USA/UK + Savings+ Tourism – Waiting Time

  • 6-10 times lower than other developed countries. Surrogacy treatment in India costs between $20,000 & $30,000 as against to around $1,20,000 in Western countries
  • World-class Doctors for & Hospitals for IVF & surrogacy treatment & ante/post natal care
  • Unlike U.K., Australia & other western countries where the surrogate is considered to be the legal mother, India is one of the very few countries where the commissioning mother (female counterpart of the infertile couple) is considered to be the legal mother
  • Availability of wide choice of surrogates & egg donors due to low socio-economic status of many families
  • Less/ No legal hassles- Indian laws on surrogacy are liberal & favour Intended Parents

Limitations in India

  • Indian laws do not allow surrogacy for gays/ lesbians & singles from foreign countries
  • India allows surrogacy only for heterosexuals who are married for more than 2 years
  • Medical visa is required to travel to India for Surrogacy