Social View On Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a point of discussion now-a-days. Some feel it is positive and ethical and others have a different view. Some feel that the relation between surrogate and the childless couple is important, as it is a serious matter of social, emotional and medical counselling.

There are fractions in our society which find surrogacy an unethical practice. They feel that the surrogate mother is the real mother of the child, and feel that it is in an infringement upon the nature’s laws.

As per the doctors at Baby Joy IVF & Surrogacy Centre, right and regular counselling can help reduce these myths. It is important to mention that according to Indian laws, childless couples who want to have a child are the real parents of the child, instead of the surrogate. This process of surrogacy is not only a ray of hope for childless couples but is a win-win situation for all, as the surrogate also gets monetary gains and other social benefits like admission of kids to school, opening of bank accounts, etc.