Parents For Surrogacy

Heterosexual Couple

There are different Surrogacy laws prevalent for straight Indian origin couples and foreign couples as well.

Foriegn Couples

Foreign straight couples need to meet with many criteria’s as per the newest regulations of MHA Guidelines for example :

  • Provide Evidence that the couple has been in a marital relationship for more than two years.
  • A letter from the Foreign Ministry of the couple’s Home country stating that their child/children born through Surrogacy will be permitted entry into their Home country.
  • A letter from their consulting doctor stating that Surrogacy is the only viable option available to this couple.

Indian Couples

As per MHA guidelines, at present Indian straight couples do not have any limitations on undergoing Surrogacy in India.

Single Parents

Single Indian Parents

As per the current MHA guidelines, single Indian parents can undergo Surrogacy in India so long as they can provide documents in support of their Indian Citizenship.

Single Foriegn Parents (Male Or Female)

Single Foreign parents are not allowed to prevail Surrogacy services in India as per the prevailing MHA Notification. Notification from MHA dates 7th July 2012 attached below for reference.

Same Sex Parents

Indian laws presently do not recognise same sex parents and it is a punishable offence under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. Therefore, Same sex couples are banned from availing Surrogacy services in India.

Therefore , we arrange to provide surrogacy services for same sex couples & foreign single parents through our associated centre in Nepal. Surrogacy Centre in Nepal