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PGD for Sex Determination is illegal in India & not carried out by Baby Joy.

What is PGD?
PGD is a technique wherein the genetic content of the embryos is analysed to evaluate the possible inheritance of the abnormality before actual transfer of the embryos. . PGD is used when one or both parents have a known genetic abnormality.

PGD may be recommended if:

  • One or both parents has a family history of a genetic disorder and/or
  • Couple or any of partner already have a child with a some genetic abnormality and/or
  • Woman have had previous pregnancy terminations because of baby’s abnormal genetic make-up

PGD is available for three broad categories of conditions including:

  • Single gene defects for which PGD testing is available.
  • Chromosomal abnormalities, including inversions, deletions, aneuploidy (an abnormal number of chromosomes), and translocations (where a piece of one chromosome either becomes attached to another chromosome or swaps places with a segment from another chromosome).
  • Sex-linked conditions for which it is not yet possible to test for the specific genetic mutation.

Process of PGD

  • Ovarian Stimulation, Egg aspiration & In Vitro Fertilization
    The ovaries are stimulated with medications to produce maximum number of eggs which are planned for fertilization in the lab to produce good quality & quantity of the embryos
  • Embryo biopsy
    The embryos are grown till 8 cell stage within the incubator . During this time one or two cells (blastomere) are removed by specially trained embryologist to perform diagnosis. or the same can be obtained from 5-6 days blastocyst which has more cells (>100) for better evaluation.
  • Genetic Testing
    The cells are tested to confirm the presence/absence of abnormality within the embryos. The embryos which are free from any defect are transferred or freezed for future usage.

PGD for gender selection is illegal in India.

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