Monday and Roni

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First of all I thank God for making it possible. I also thank to Baby Joy for hospitality and care for bring the reason of the great moment in our life. We have all most lost hope until we recommended this centre thanks to Baby Joy then we thank you all after supported us made us believe that all is lost yet, we give thanks to doctors and all staff. My prayer is for you guy is to increased day after day. We where lost our hope but you guy bring back our lost hope and we pray to god every of your lost hope God bring back to you. Baby Joy name it self say it all we love you all.

Thank you Baby Joy
Mr. Monday and Roni

Roni Laishram’s Just Dial Review

amd1***** | 96*****8267th Aug, 2015

My name is Mr. Monday and I am from Nigeria.I came to BabyJoy for IVF treatment and me and my wife got positive result.So we very much happy for that.Thanks to Baby Joy.

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