Gays/Singles Surrogacy

We respect all human beings equally. We strongly condemn any bias on the basis of sexual orientation, ethnicity or colour.

We encourage a culture of openness, equality & transparency. We believe, that we are not here to pass any moral judgments. In fact, we are here to offer help anyone who approaches us, without any discrimination. We feel that every individual is God’s child & deserves equal compassion. These core values have made Baby Joy an LGBT friendly organization. We offer our services with honesty & sincerity to married couples, partners, singles, straights & gays alike. However, we ensure that the law of land of our country & the country of origin of the intended parents is abided by. We are proud to claim that just like straight couples, we are equally popular amongst a large number of gay couples who approach us from across the world. In fact we have special protocols & procedures to suit the specific needs of our gay friends. We have constantly worked to the best of our abilities to help gay couples across the globe to become proud parents, thereby giving them infinite happiness & joy !

As we know, according to latest ICMR guidelines & MHA notification, surrogacy is not allowed in India for gays, lesbians, & singles from foreign countries. Surrogacy is allowed in India currently only for heterosexuals married for at least 2 years, or Indian singles.

Thus, for our gay couples & single friends from foreign countries, we facilitate the entire surrogacy process in Cambodia. Unlike in India, We carry out surrogacy for LGBTs in Cambodia. Here 360 degree Surrogacy solutions are provided at our state of the art IVF Centre. Baby Joy takes care of all aspects of surrogacy in Cambodia, including legal aspects, surrogate & egg donor procurement, surrogate management, IVF & delivery. Our surrogates stay in our own surrogate homes under our direct supervision, where we take due care of their stay, food, nutrition & medications. We are always prepared to handle any emergency situations. The delivery is carried out at one of the world class hospitals, fully equipped with NICU facilities, by our highly experienced team of doctors. Our legal team is fully equipped to help you out with all aspects related to birth certificate, liaisoning with local municipal bodies, embassies, Ministry of Health & Ministry of Home Affairs, to finally assist you with the smooth grant of Exit Visa to your little one