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Naweed (2 Months)-Born at Baby Joy With his Proud Parents Jamila & Salar Agha

Babies From 5 Continents & 14 Countries
15000+ Babies in Delhi Centre
19 Babies per Week; 3 Babies Everyday
Every 2 out of 3 Couples Positive

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Money Back Guaranteed IVF Package !

Only applicable after clinical evaluation of both partners with respect to:

  • Age
  • Semen Quality
  • Egg Reserve
  • Uterine Status
  • Past IVF Attempts
  • Hormonal Status etc

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Did You Know These Facts About IVF Centers/IVF Cost ?
  • 2 out of 3 IVF Centers are ill-staffed and ill equipped, there by spoiling you Chances of Success.
  • More than half of all IVF clinics indulge in clinically poor & unethical practices

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5 Most Common Problems Faced by You at IVF Clinic/Test Tube Baby Centres !
  • Almost All childless couples are told false success rate figures by the IVF Centres. These figures are wrong & highly inflated.
  • 75% childless couples can’t decide where to go as they do not know what to look for in an IVF Centre or IVF Doctor
  • 65% couples do not understand what treatment is best for them due to complicated Packages & Poor Counselling at Fertility Clinics
  • 2/3rd of all childless couples are made to do unnecessary, Expensive Tests and charged High Hidden Cost that are not explained initially by IVF Centres
  • 85% of childless couples are not explained the reasons for failure & future course of treatment for success by Test Tube Baby Centres.

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10 Facts Why Baby Joy IVF Center / Test Tube Baby Centre is Your Best Chance to Experience “Joy of Baby” !
  • 1 in every 2 couples is positive at Baby Joy IVF Centre in the first attempt
  • 2100+ babies born from 5 continents & 14 countries world wide
  • High IVF Success Rate: 6 Babies born every week; Almost 1 baby born every day
  • IVF Cost: Highly affordable IVF treatment, No Hidden Cost
  • High IVF Success Rates even in previously failed Cases
  • Highly skilled team of UK trained IVF Doctors, Embryologists & Counsellors
  • International Treatment Protocols; Evidence based IVF Treatment; Centre of Excellence for Training & Research
  • World class infrastructure; State of the art equipment & technology
  • Individualised care with Compassion, Accountability & Transparency (CAT)
  • Comprehensive Fertility Treatment under 1 Roof

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IVF Success Rates: Success Stories of Baby Joy IVF Doctors/IVF Specialist
Bharat-Bhushan-blessed with baby-boys

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