Ms. Ranjana Kumari, “Director of Centre For Social Research” said that about fifty IVF and Surrogacy Centres are there in Delhi. Some of those are producing 250 children per year in Delhi and around 40,000 babies are born annually in India
Due to the lack of Indian law, this million dollar industry suffers in India. Some agents exploit the surrogates by not giving them the actual amount, which they deserve. Generally, agents get 2-4 lakh for one case, but they provide only 70-80 thousand to the surrogate. They often hire surrogates from Nepal, Bengal, Assam etc. As per law, a healthy women, who has already given birth to two kids can become a Surrogate mother.On this topic, we have taken view from Mr. Vivek Kohli, the director of Baby Joy Ivf & surrogacy Clinic. He does agree that agents are exploiting these surrogates, through which many of childless couples get their own babies. This is the only reason why Baby Joy is having direct interaction with the surrogates, We do proper counselling and check -ups of the surrogates. After having an agreement, the surrogates have to stay at their guest houses (from the day one of medical procedure till hand over the child born to the intended parents) where surrogates get overall health facilities, like medical and nutritional both.Mr Kohli has personally shown us their guest house where we had a word with one of the surrogate and got to know that they had opened her bank account and deposited the amount, which she was using as per her requirement. Mr. Kohli said that they are following all the rules which are applicable in India for Surrogacy.