Art Bank - Assisted Reproductive Treatment Bank

Natural progression of marriage is in parenthood. Soon after marriage couple wants to become parents of offspring. Infertility can be defined as inability to conceive in spite of having unprotected sex with the same partner for two year. Infertility can due to problem in both woman and man. The perfect age of females to become pregnant is between twenty five to thirty years of age. However, nowadays couples want to delay their parenthood, the reason may be due to monetary constraints, fast lifestyle, or females do not want to hamper their career growth. It is noticed that after the age of thirty-five, females become less fertile, and after forty-five the fertility almost becomes nil.

ART BANK (assisted reproductive technology) Bank of sperm and eggs donation and surrogacy is a facility, which will come to rescue of childless couples. This concept is operational in IVF clinics since some time. IVF clinics or ART BANK is authorized facility to house semen donated by healthy males. Semen donation is an intentional act where the gametes donated by healthy males can be used by authorized reproductive centre to assist females in getting pregnant. This activity is managed, controlled and supervised by clinics that are specialized in treating couples with fertility problems. Semen banks are usually provided in such clinics.

Sperm can be of help in females who have repeated failure of assisted reproductive treatment to achieve pregnancy on using the semen from her partner. In heterosexual couples can also use healthy sperm where the count is low or of poor quality. In conditions where there is possibility of father transmitting contagious disease or transferring genetic disorder. The sperm can be used by female partners who want to have babies.

ART Banks also provide oocytes with the help of (vetrification) technology .Vetrification is a technology where female’s eggs are extracted and frozen quickly and stored to be used later. When woman is ready to use the eggs it can be fertilized and placed in female womb.

Females who are undergoing assisted reproductive treatment (ART) can benefit from vetrification. Females who want to delay their pregnancy due to many reasons; females who are suffering from cancer and before starting their chemotherapy can freeze their eggs with the help of vetrification. These services are provided reproductive centers that help patients provide assisted reproductive treatment.

Almost 30% of woman may suffer from infertility due to causes such as obstruction in fallopian tube, endometriosis, peritoneal or abdominal abnormality, early menopause and ovulation disorder. Infertility in couples may be due to 30% of males suffering from conditions like blocked tubes, weak sperm, problems in testicles, problem in ejection or erection and prostate problem. 20% of couples may be infertile due to problem in both the partners. There are 20% of couples where the cause of infertility cannot be clinically diagnosed.

ART BANKS can help couples to bring bundles of joy in their life. If you are sad and depressed about not having babies take assistance from assisted reproductive treatment fertility center, many couples have benefited from such center.